Friday, August 13, 2010

What in the world is in that bag, whatchoo got in that bag??

Luda love.

Thanks Gen for saying I'd be fun to shop with. If by fun you mean cursing under my breath and whining because I can't yank a damned piece of clothing back up over my head- then yes. I'm a barrel of monkeys fun! ;-)

Ever have that happen? A store doesn't have your usual size so you improvise by trying on a smaller size? Great idea! May not fit, but goes on at least. But try to said top/dress off over your head, it gets stuck because the damn thing is too small- At first, you're standing really still- arms hanging all out of the arm holes, all up in the air. Then you realize you HAVE to do something, anything to prevent having to ask a sales associate or stranger for help because you're stuck. So you jerk and yank and when it doesn't budge you start to really panic. You stop yanking only to catch your breath and go "UHHhhhahh!!!!" Now you're sweating.

Wait. Does this only happen to me? Whatever.

No, really. Thanks, Gen. Let's go shopping!

One more fitting room review:

Lacey Lanes Tank- I hearted this, too! Lots of bloggers reviewed it as not-cool, didn't work for them. I'm glad I tried it, because I thought it was very cute! It's in my bag. I should probably buy it soon because it's on sale.

So what was in all those boxes?

First up: Sephora
I needed my daily brown eyeshadow: Urban Decay in Smog
Second, I picked up the gift set for curly hair: Living Proof
Finally, I needed free shipping so I added lip gloss: Buxom in Amber
Free Samples

And because I'm a V.I.B Beauty Insider, I got this free bag full of freebies. Who doesn't love free beauty junk?!

In this pile we have, from left:
- Blue Cardigan via Talbot's
- Replacement cardigan from J. Crew. remember the one that got a hole in the armpit for NO good reason? That was nice of them.
- Green A-line skirt from Talbot's
- Polka Dotted pink dress from LOFT that is being returned ASAP. UG-LEE.
The green Talbot's skirt paired with a top bought from overstock. I like them both. It looks plain together here, but I can see it with a cardigan and accessories. Both keepers.
What wasn't a keeper? This monstrosity from by Pure Sugar. Good God. Its just OK from the front.....but, uh...I didn't know know WINGS were in style.
(BAHAH! Dear God, make me a bird, so I can fly far. far, far away)

I also returned a few items to Anthro that added up to $261 bucks! Yeah. I know. Two of those packages by my front door were:

The Tea & Sweets dress (on sale!) and really loved it- I never even wish listed it. In real life the details and colors are so beautiful. They didn't have the size I needed in store so the SA was nice enough to have it shipped from the Huntsville, Alabama store. It arrived two days later and here it is.
It's a little big up top and on the side. See the extra fabric I'm pulling on? Other than that it fits wonderfully and I can't wait to wear it/style it! I'm going to have that big bit tailored.

The In A Twinkling Dress is known around the Anthropologie blogging community as being itchy and scratchy. I can see that, but when I tried it on I realized that I've had on itchier. I loved it. I loved it too much NOT to buy it, especially it being on sale. They didn't have my size either, but the website had the next size up. I bought the 12 from the website, but I'm thinking my boobies may need the 14, which was out of stock at the time.

I still have about $40 on my merchandise return card- and I have a feeling that Camilla Dress will be going on sale soon.........

Did I mention I also went to Fleet Feet to get new running shoes? Well, I did. It was an epic FAIL. I must have tried on 8 or 10 pairs and ended up with nothing. For you runners out there, you know all about gait, etc. The sales associate said I had a slight over pronation- so she had me try on a gazillion, stupid stability type running shoes. I hated every single one. There wasn't enough cushion- My shins hurt from just the test runs I did outside the store. I ended up with nothing except a pair of nice, white socks. They're gorgeous. Muahah.

I'm going to stick with the Adidas Bounce shoes. That's the pair I own now and have never really had issues with them. If it ain't broke- don't fix it, ok?!

Have a great weekend!!!! :-)
Owl Towel from Anthropologie :-)


Brittany said...

That owl towel is just adorable :) You're really making me like owls these days haha.

I love your facial expression in the wings shirt. You're right, it does have wings. Who's idea was that?!

The green skirt is so cute but I also LOVE the color green :)

Veronika said...

great post! hope you have a nice weekend :)

Robin said...

I also love the green skirt. I'm really liking Talbots. My mom shops there, and I picked up some stuff from there and it's great and well made.

MsHark said...

ok your facial expression in that one picture is absolutely hilarious!


MsHark said...

BTW I love the green skirt and the white top! really cute!

green skirt = GORGE!!! wings = totally weird.

I occasionally find myself stuck in a garment when I'm trying it on. I always fear it's going to rip and everyone will hear in the fitting rooms!

Free beauty samples are the best.

I'm digging that green skirt. It'll be very versatile!

Alicia said...

I need a link to that white top from Overstock! Love it!

Jenny said...

Hey Alicia! it;s out of stock! I had to rush and buy it because they had one left in my size and NONE left in any other size :-(

Elizabeth said...

OK girl! You have the cutiest clothes ever!! Love your style!!!

Love it all - especially the owl towel and tee and sweets dress- it looks beautiful on you. "I'm like a bird I wan to fly away" haha GREAT finds as per always - I like your style, c hica!

Dayany said...

Hi! Can you please try on the pink dress from Loft and tell me why you didn´t like it? I ordered it and I´m waiting for it to arrive and I´m curious of how it looks on. Thanks!

Jenny said...

Dayany- I sure will! I'll post it tonight!

I love that dress on you, very pretty.

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