Sunday, July 11, 2010

If you're a candle/scent lover- you'll wanna read this!

I LOVE candles. Yes, I DO. Yankee candles are my favorite, or they WERE until I found Candles By Victoria.

I've mentioned these candle in a previous blog...

She has a candle business based in Texas and has started from the ground up, and thanks to Beauty Guru's on YouTube and bloggers, she has REALLY become successful! Even if she hadn't had all of that support, I know she still would have made a killing. Her candles are TO DIE FOR! The scents are SPOT-on and really put out a lasting scent.

I was going to place an online order today (yikes!) and saw that you could host an online candle party of your own. I thought that was SUCH a cute idea- remember the candle parties you always got invited to back in the day?

So, I'm having an online candle party.

I'm inviting you all to my online candle party with Candles By Victoria!

All you have to do to participate in my partay is place an online order from Candles By Victoria. All orders will be shipped within 2-7 business days.

Visit the link below and if you decide you would like to place an order please leave my hostess number (2316) in the COMMENT box during the check out process or email my hostess number along with your name to

Even if you decide you can not order at this time, stop in and sign the guest book to enter in the free monthly candle giveaway!

My online candle party ends July 25th so order your candles today!! Remember my hostess number in the comment box: 2316

I know there must be someone you know who needs a candle!

P.S.- I recommend the candle packages. On the website click on "candles", then page 2. You'll see you can order 6 different candles for a lower price than individually. I usually like the biggest sized ones, but the 9 oz REALLY put off a good smell! Or try the scent shots. You can try out different scents if you have a tart burner before buying the big ones.

She also has a Scent Description page that helps you out a little with the choosing! :-)
Hostess number: 2316

Some of my favorites:
* Pink Sugar & Coconut (like the Aquoline perfume from Sephora? Yes!)
* Simply Delicious (for winter months)
* Reese's PB Cup (AMAZING!!)
* Bella Swan (Even if you're not a twilight fan- I'm NOT. Sorry- you'd love it!)
* Edward Cullen
* Pazzazy
* Angel Food Cake


Hmm...I think I'm realy curious to find out what an Edward Cullen-scented candle would smell like! I may have to check those out!

prettyface said...

YAY! On her site she describes Edward Cullen scented candle as smelling just how the author describes him- smelling like sunshine, lilac and honey. It does smell soooo wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

EDWARD... mmmm. Yes, please. :)

<3 kp

Don't forget to enter my Ruffled Tank Giveaway!

Very cool - i've never heard of a candle party! I'm not a big candle person (or perfume) - scents bother my allergies. Yes, i'm a loser. Although, like the others, i'm VERY curious about this Edward candle... :)

Katie ♥ said...

I know I was so happy you were coming to DC this fall and we would meet, I might have to postpone my move until then! lol! I wish! Hey if you are ever in Fort Wayne , Indiana you are welcome to stay anytime!! U never know if you will be there by some chance!

Ahhhhhhhhhh girl I got some big melons too! So hard to control these things when working out! lol!! Muah!! Miss u!!

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