Saturday, July 10, 2010

Bye-bye junk.

The yard sale yesterday was a success! For anyone who's never had a yard sale (I'm sure someone out there never has)- DO IT! You can get rid of some random sh**! Like I said before, e-bay is amazing for selling my name brand and well-worth the money items that I just have no need for, but yard sales....Yes, ma'am, they shall set you free.

I made $250 bucks today- not a ton, but it can go towards a bill or some new clothes ;-)

I'm exhausted now- and don't want to do anything but zonk out in front of the television tonight. Tomorrow I'm listing some things on e-bay. If anyone is ever interested in the items I have for sale on e-bay look me up. My user ID name: chio4ever (gimmie a break. I was in college when I started my account).

Ann Taylor LOFT has 40% all regularly priced items this weekend ONLY. This is a great deal- so I suggest you get your hineys over to their website. Happy Saturday!


Congrats on your yard sale - $250 is $250 MORE bucks than you had at the beginning of the day!

Jen said...

Wow $250! I'd say that's a success!

mama k said...

Love the sign :) We had a yard sale last year and made almost $600...but we sold a treadmill for $200 so that had a lot to do with it! Yes, it feels so good to be set free!

not to shabby for a day's work and cleaning out your junk!! :) i love having garage sales, my house always feels so clutter free afterwards!

Elizabeth said...

Now that is awesome that you had a yard sale! good for you!

Wow! $250 is great. I think that it was definitely worth it to have the yard sale, even though they are a lot of work. Hope you treat yourself to something pretty with the extra money!

Brittany said...

That is awesome!! I could use some money right now too .. Maybe I'll have one soon :)

Congrats on the $ earning! YOur sign cracks me UP!

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