Friday, July 9, 2010


Just thought everyone should know.....

I bought those Fiber Gummies- because I'm ALL about some fiber AND anything gummy...and I definitely just ate 8 of them. The label says not to exceed more than 4 a just add to the craziness, I found some long-lost gummi bears in my pantry. I just ate the entire 5 oz bag of Haribo Gummi Bears.............

Now, who here thinks I'll have a stomach ache soon. *Raises hand*



This is why I no longer buy Jelly Bellies. Because I will eat the whole bag/box and then I whine to BF that I don't feel good. But they taste so yum ...

I purchased those chocolate calcium chews a while back - I don't believe daily intake was like half the bag.

I've been wanting to try some gummi vitamins. I'm going to have to get some! Although I'd probably eat half the bottle, too, so maybe I should stick with the plain boring ones!

Katie said...

Lol! I once did that with those chocolate fiber one bars! I had two in one sitting and my stomach HURT that night!!! Good Luck!

LOL there is an intake on Fiber gummi bears? I had no idea. I definitely used to scarf down more than 4 at a time at one point :)

Brittany said...

I'll have to try these fiber gummies. But I think I'll follow the directions haha. I've tried the one-a-day gummies (the directions says take two a day so I don't really know why they're called one-a-day) but they were so good. Tasted like candy :)

Hasbro gummies are sooo yummy! Hope your tummy doesn't start hurting :(

mama k said...

My stomach hurts just thinking about it :) I'm sure they were good while you were downing them though! :)

A. said...

Haribos are the greatest. Now I have a severe craving for them!

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