Thursday, July 8, 2010

FOTD: Pita Pizza

Food of the day, people! I made two of these pita pizzas last night and saved the second one for my lunch today :-) They came out GREAT. even though I tweaked Gen's recipe a little. ONLY because I craved MORE, and I didn't have fresh basil leaves.

I slathered tomato paste on the whole wheat pitas, a dash of Frank's hot sauce, olive oil to coat and then stacked tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese all over that bad boy! Sprinkled with the only basil I had (dried??) and stuck it in the broiler. Mmmm...That's all I can say. I was quite happy.


No wait. Now, THIS is the finished product ;-)

Enjoy your weekend! I'm having a yard sale on Saturday in hopes of getting rid of JUNK and making a litle extra cash! I'll let you know how it goes- I LOVE e-bay and always sell my "high-quality" items via them, but some of the other things I own just won't sell there. I think because most people who search on e-bay have an exact brand or item name in mind they want. it's hard to sell an old top without a brand name, at least in my experience. LOL I mean, what do you list a going-out-top under? LOL CLUBBING. I do. BAHAH!

Bye, ladies!


mama k said...

Good luck in your yard sale!! My husband and I LOVE to make pita pizzas....yours look delicious!!

These look deliiiicious. I may have to make myself one tonight :)

Oooh ... I used to make bagel pizzas way back in the day - these look delish and are probably way healthier!

Olivea said...

Those look so amazing! I love fresh mozzarella with basil.

OMG those look good. My problem is that I'd eat 4 of them. :/

Simply Me said...

As I was reading your post my hubby asked what I would like for dinner (he is an awesome cook) so I showed him these pictures...and yes, that's what he is making right now. :) He has made them before and they are so yummy that I could eat they every day. Yours look very very delicious!

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