Friday, July 16, 2010

Here I am! If you're curious.

During my run yesterday, I realized I've been Little Miss MIA here recently. Good reason- because I have nothing to say. As you can see from my last post, I'm trying to get some extra money, but apparently no one wants my Coach wallet. LOL! May just pass it along to my Mom who wouldn't buy herself anything like that anyway.

I received my order from Ann Taylor LOFT Wednesday and was excited to do a little show-and-tell for ya, but the items sucked butt. I was disappointed in the quality of that Ribbon Dress (The hem? Look, I totally understand it's supposed to look "un-done" but I'm not really down with the whole Orphan Annie look) and the Sheath Shimmery-ish dress? LOVE! BUT, too tight. Eek! Sheath dresses are not good for women with any sort of a stomach. I sized UP in hopes the next size fits. We'll see. *fanghas crossed*

I placed an order with Old Navy *slash* Banana Republic *slash* GAP (I really like the fact you cans hop on ONE site from all three stores, and more, with just a click of the next TAB! I had so many coupon codes, I was in heaven!) and soon these items will reach my door:

All boring basics.
That is, AFTER they make the long trek to my old D.C. stomping grounds. BAha! Yeah. I hastily clicked CHEKOUT too fast and sent the damn shipment to my old address. Happily they were able to re-track and they're now on their way back south :-)

My goals for the fast approaching weekend:

* Get some rest. This week I've been much better about running and I'm feeling it.

* Therapeutic massage- My neck and shoulders have been knotted, knitted and curled up tighter than [insert annoying tight-ass's name here]'s butthole.

* Grocery Shopping. What fun. Not. The only shopping I dislike.

* Bake Cranberry Orange Muffins on Sunday for the office Monday morning. Sounds like a cheery way to start the work week, yeah?

* Grab some yogurt from the new yogurt place. I'm thinking Red Velvet or Cake Batter with no fruits. Only Heath and Reese's candy on top. Yeah. I said it.

* Run 3 miles Saturday.

* P90X, Sunday.


Kayla said...

If you love the Gap/Banana Republic/Gap site have you checked out the Piperlime tab? I am obsessed with the stuff on there! I could blow so much money way too quickly!

Liz B said...

I just had a theraputic massage yesterday! It was my first one, and I am going back again tomorrow.

I started doing Crossfit a couple weeks ago in order to get a little stronger, which will help me when i start marathon training. I must have pulled a muscle inbetween my shoulder blades because I have a sharp, constant pain.

After the massage (which was a little rough!) I felt great. No more pain, and I felt loose and stretched out. As of right now, I have pain again but not as intense (and i did a crossfit workout this morning, so im not suprised).

Cant wait to go tomorrow and have that therapist work out the pain and tightness!!

P.S. I found that black & white strip Calvin Klien dress at Marshall's for $39!!! What a steal - one left in my size. Its super cute!

Robin said...

ooooh I need a nice massage, too...and I have a gift card from Christmas for a spa that I need to use. I may just have to use it this weekend.

mama k said...

Love that peachy/pink cardigan! So cute :)

Brittany said...

Oh I'm liking the new blog look :)

That peachish cardigan is so adorable! I love it!

Any massage is great - enjoy it!!

cute new clothes!! I need to do a little clothes shopping as well. Oh and I dispise grocery shopping as well. If only I could have a personal grocery shopper my life would be much better! haha.

How's P90x. My boyfriend has them but I hear they are long and intense but I hear they work!

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