Thursday, June 24, 2010

Running update + Clothing reviews

Yesterday I jogged 1.5 miles. LOL- What. A. Joke. I mostly think it's because I'm just not fueling myself correctly beforehand. It's hard for me to eat when I'm NOT hungry. Grrr. Saturday is my first 5K. Everyone pray that I don't pass out. Mmkay. Thanks.

Here's a quick review of a few things I purchased online lately...

First up: J. Crew's Bow Monde Dress in black.

I've had this thing wishlisted for months now and finally bought it. I needed a formal black dress and that big huge bow thing on the front actually called my name...Too bad it was too tight in the stomach area. *sigh*. That's my body for ya. I knew it'd be a challenge with this dress because of the way the skirt fits. It's pretty straight- and straight skirted dresses don't look good on me. I've been consistently losing weight- that's a plus. And I know I'll lose more. This dress, other than the fact it's too tight- and it's a size freaking *16*- (Nothing wrong with that, but my normal dress size is a 12/14, ladies. Uhm....) meaning I can't go up a size- it's gorgeous. I love the fabric and the chic-ness of it. With pearls? Yup. To die for in my opinion. J. Crew has a 60 day return policy. I think I'm gonna hang it in my closet and use it for motivation. If in 55 days I still look shitty in it, back it goes.... ;-)

E-bay Find: Anthropologie Reed Shirtdress in green.

I just gotta say....these next pictures make me snicker and shake my head. Love the wrinkles, right? BAHA!!

LOVE the green with my coloring. LOVE the fit at the bottom. Do NOT love the fact that my boobs are popping some buttons left and right..."Loosen up mah buttons babe, UH HUH..." It pissed me off this did. The sleeves are tight as CRAP. The buttons won't button. I'm sad. See my face. lol. I'm keeping it around like the first dress, however. In time, we'll use this as a guide to see how much my upper body shrinks....Because this dress would be supah cute with some nude slingbacks and a statement necklace.
(P.S. Not wearing a bra. BAH! Oops)
(nice bra hanging out in the background, Jenny.)
Anyone ever hang on to an item of clothing they just really love in hopes that it'll fit better once you lose weight/tone?

I'm so thankful today is Friday- I have no plans this weekend and that's a relief because frankly, I'm tired. :-) Hope you all have a nice weekend.

I'll be back Saturday to let you know how the race went and more reviews- I have a second shipment from J. Crew on the way from the big Sale!

Happy Friday!


yes! i did that once with a bathing suit as motivation to go to the gym. I bought it, then tried it on and hated the way it looked on me. SO instead of stuffing it in a drawer, I left it out where i could see it every day. When I saw it, I remembered how i felt that day. 1 month later I tried it on and I loved it!

Love your dresses!

Kimberly said...

Good luck with the race!!

Kelly said...

BEST of luck with the race!!! Can't wait to see how it goes :-D

Anonymous said...

Good luck on Saturday! So exciting.

Ok, that black dress is freaking amazing!!! Definitely keep it please!! A LOT can change in 55 days :) It's way too perfect for you to take back right away. Love it!!

LOL at the green dress/bra situation. You're hilarious. You do look awesome in green!!

Have fun tomorrow at the race! You've done a ton more running than I'll EVER do.

I bought a dress of Ebay once before and thought it fit once it was actually on, getting into it was interesting. And I finally got so fed up trying to take it off that I actually Hulk Hogan'd off. Short-lived dress, poor thing.

Kim said...

Good luck with your race this weekend!!!

I bought an Anthro dress on sale 2 sizes to small. I hung it on the back of my door where I would see it every morning. Didn't make it into the dress by the goal date, but I couldn't bear to return it. One day I WILL fit in that dress. You can do it!!!!!

mama k said...

I'm sorry but I LOVE your pictures!! I would not have the confidence to post a pic of myself with buttons popping off, but I LOVE that you did. It makes me smile. Thanks! And good luck with the 5k!! You can do it!!

Rachel said...

I like the black dress on you. As a girl with a big chest, I rarely buy button down dresses or shirts because I hate how they look on me. Like the girls are trying to escape. Uh!

Robin said...

awww that sucks that the dresses didn't fit. The black dress doesn't look bad, though. What size did you get the shirtdress in? I had it in blue plaid in a 14 and it fit, but it wasn't loose up top, and I have small boobs. So I sold it on ebay!

i do it with jeans ALL the helps a lot to have the motivation right there for you to try on from time to time!

Lorraine said...

I totally hang on to clothes in hopes that they will fit me soon. I feel like it gives me a little motivation. Even though it doesn't always work.

Brittany said...

The black dress is SO adorable! I love it and the bow makes it that much better :-) You will be fitting in that green dress in no time!

Good luck with the race. Can't wait to find out how you did :-) Enjoy your weekend lady!

Lindsey said...

OMG - that black dress is FABULOUS!! Love love love it!!

spiffy said...

good luck with your first 5k- so exciting, I can't wait to hear how it goes. I actually think the first dress is very flattering on you, but sometimes look and feel are two different things.
My wedding dress is motivating me to resists stuffing my face with ice cream every night. Kind of regretting going for the "fitted" look.

Genesis said...

i love the black dress. sorry the green one didnt fit. i did buy a few dresses that i told myself i would fit into, and lo and behold two months later i do fit into it and its so awesome and is a great self esteem builder

Yeah, I've learned I have to eat something about an hour before I run. Trying to run while hungry doesn't work. At all.

The bow dress actually looks like it fits...

Bridget said...

that black dress is fabulous.

LOVE the dresses - and yes, i've been known to hang onto items in hopes that they'll one day fit! I think it's totally normal!! :)

The Reed Shirtdress fit like that on me the first size I tried too, and I was already sizing up!! Would NOT button around the torso, it was embarrassing. But then I sized up all the way to a 12 and somehow that sat just fine, so yay. I just try to forget the size number when I wear it :)

I am SO very guilty in general of keeping clothes that are too small for me and promising myself that I will fit into them down the road. Since the last time I promised myself that, I think I've gained 10 more lbs, oops! Sigh. Gotta make myself go to the gym soon, if only for the sake of many skirts and dresses that are currently collecting dust!

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