Thursday, June 24, 2010

Giveaway winner+ Re-programming your fashion mindset + OOTD

Congrats again to Lisa. She was the winner of the $25 Anthropologie gift card. She deserved it, so she can thank for generating her number. lol. I had created a blog entry a few days ago with a template for the "winner blog entry"- so it's showing up as written a few days ago. wtf. I, obviously, wasn't thinking. Anyway...

The past few weeks I've been purging my closet of thing I don't need or want anymore- plus my new clothing/shoes need room to grow ;-) As I've looted through everything I've noticed some things about my style:

#1. It's slowly changed. It's ALWAYS changing. One day I'm all about the classic look and the next, gimmie some girly ruffles and vintage. If someone asked me to describe my style in one word, I honestly don't know what that'd be.

#2. I like bright, "original" pieces. I used to own nothing but brown, blue and black. One day my Mom pointed this fact out to me and ever since then I've steered clear of black if the item was offered in another color. A "friend" of mine, Hayden (he's a dude. Straight dude) once told me that although black is sexy on a woman, it's nice to see some color, too...And I like some off-beat items because they're JUST different.

ANYWAY, my point. I don't own a dressy black dress NOR a basic black work dress. I have this jersey, quarter length sleeved black dress:

Work? Yes, I've worn this to work and out with the girls for dinner,'s just not dressy enough- and who KNOWS when I'll be invited to a Little Black Dress Gala by George Clooney...but if and when I am...I need to be prepared people!! I decided I need to re-program how I shop sometimes- and buy "basics"- I NEVER buy basics. Ever. You'll never see me picking up a solid colored top with nothing on it. And never will. I love embellishments, prints and froo-froo shit. But I do need more "staples". At least updated staples....(i.e. new pencil skirts, white button down blouses, etc.)

What about any of you? Do you see a trend in the things you pick up, and if SO, do you go for the basics or more statement pieces with personality? What could your wardrobe use more of?

Here's an outfit for the day- That Calvin Klein Dress I sooo longed for. I found it for cheap on!! I love it. I understand horizontal stripes aren't the most flattering, but I love it. I love the sweetheart neckline. The dress isn't work appropriate- more like summer/evening get-togetherish. I didn't wear this out, just trying it on :-) I slipped on my Guess Gold/brown shoes just for kicks. Love them. Perfect heel height!
Anthropologie Solstice Necklace, here
Calvin Klein Dress, here and here
Guess Nail Heels, here


Robin said...

Love the dress! I think I told you before that I've seen it at Marshalls.

My wardrobe has changed immensely through the years as well. I go through phases with the stores I shop at. High school it was Express, Right after college it was Ann Taylor Loft, and now it's mainly Banana and Anthro. I need more cardigans...specifically short sleeved cardigans! I get SO hot SO easily, but I don't like showing my arms. So short sleeved cardigans are heaven-sent!

I also love bold and bright, but I LOVE me some black. Lately, I've shied away from buying black, though. I think I have enough.

Robin said...

p.s. that black dress is VERY flattering on you!

Can I just thank you and again!

OMG with the Calvin Klein dress! You look great in it, and I actually had my eye on it months ago as a psuedo-Anthro Monochromatic Corset dress replacement. Just between this and the Castle Lake dress, I am already loving your closet!

You look great in both of those photos. Very pretty. I'm jealous that you can wear your hair straight and curly and have it look so good.

My style is constantly evolving. My wardrobe has a balanced mix of staples and things that are slightly trendier. My look goes from bold/bright dresses and sexy heels to jersey blend dresses and flats. I rarely wear pants :)

Liz B said...

Im considering buying that Calvin Klien dress after seeing how nice you look! I hope it is still on sale after the 30th when I get paid again.

I dont see why that wouldnt be appropriate for work if you paired it with a cardigan or a shrug. Unless you have a super conservative office, maybe.

I always have issues with Anthro clothing. I wear a 12/14 most places, but their clothing seems to run small for the most part.

Good luck with the 5K. Just take your time and be confident from the get-go and you will do well. A race is such a motivating atmosphere, too. The other participant's enthusiasm is catching, imo.

I wish you lived in Texas! Im dying for a running partner.

LOVE the dress - it looks SO much better on you than me! I think it's too long for me. Or something. You look great!

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