Monday, June 7, 2010

My Best Friend's Wedding is finished :-)

Mr. & Mrs. Seebode

Welcome back, self, to the real world! It's Monday and this weekend was a whirlwind of wedding stuff that began Friday morning and didn't stop until yesterday afternoon when I pulled into my garage- 6 hours drive counts as an event!

I can't believe that my childhood friend is married. I can remember 9 months ago when she called me and asked me to be her maid of honor...and planning her bridal shower....pinning her colorful penis veil to her gorgeous blonde locks. BAHA! It all went by so quickly.

She was beautiful and so happy- and there were many tears....but I'm pretty sure I could have cried enough for everyone.

When she walked down the aisle with her Dad I had to turn my head away from the crowd- I was doing that ugly face cry. WTF!

She later told me she couldn't look at anyone or else she'd start bawling.

She had an amazing time- and so did everyone else.

Here are a few photos of my hair/clothing before I jump into some of the important wedding photos!! :-)

What I wore: Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner.
J. Crew Lorelei Dress
Nine West Natural Colored Heels
Anthropologie necklace
What my hair looked like- The humidity and taking photos outside before the ceremony caused the curls to fall flat OUT, but I loved it!
The first dance- This photo would have been PERFECT if it wasn't blurry-ish.

Amanda & I during the (HOT) rehearsal.

Amanda's Grandma (Nona) was taking photos with my camera for me.

The girls getting their nails done on Friday- HA!! Love the Bride.


Bridal party and Groomsmen

Breaking it down! Amanda is somewhat reserved so it made me SO happy to see her dancing and having a blast!

Remember the bridesmaid drama? It really was only unbearable during the bridal shower- and all other times I really did have a fantastic time with the other girls. See below. LOL
Giving my speech during the reception- I started crying and couldn't even finish what I wanted to say *sigh* AND, I love that I didn't even notice the paparazzi (photogs) right up in my face!! LOL! Those should be GREAT pictures. Don't you just love the dramatic hand to chest and mouth!?

If you've ever been in a close friend's wedding- did you bawl/cry? :-)

Hope everyone has a fantastic Monday- I'm off work and plan to sleep as much as possible.


I definitely cried at my best friend's wedding! I also cried when I visited her in the hospital with her brand new baby! I can't help it!!! You look beautiful and so does the bride! Thanks for sharing! :)

spiffy said...

I am so not a public crier but my bf started crying before she walked down the aisle and once I was up front and saw her coming I totally did the ugly cry myself. It was bad!
I was so happy for her though and she looked amazing..
btw I love all your dresses- hawt stuff!

Kimberly said...

yes I was in my best friends wedding and cried the whole time! you look beautiful!

Lindsey said...

what a fun time!!! Weddings of close friends are definitely emotional! You looked SO pretty too & I LOVE your dress & necklace!

Looks like it was a lovely wedding! Where was it held? The brick background is nice. Congrats to the bride and groom!

You look great, and it sounds like you've been helpful to your friend throughout the planning process. She's lucky to have a friend like you. I'd be bawling during the speech, too!

Alexandra said...

love the bridesmaid dresses, especially the color! where are they from?

Olivea said...

I am a total crier. It doesn't even have to be someone I know getting married! I will cry watching wedding shows on tv!

You looked gorgeous in the photos!

Robin said...

I love your hair, and your makeup looks STUNNING!

prettyface said...

Alexandra- The bridesmaids dresses are by Bill Levkoff :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, the ugly cry! Lol, it always happens so quickly for me- by the time I realize I've got the ugly cry going on, it's usually too late for me to hide it! You looked so pretty in all the pics!

Absolutely beautiful! You and the wedding :-)

What a fun weekend!! I get a little teary eyed at some weddings, but my besties and my sis are still to come. I am sure I will be a mess.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Amanda! Looks like a really fun weekend. You look gorgeous of course, love your outfits! That Lorelei dress is fab on you. Has anyone every told you that you resemble gorgeous make-up guru Kandee Johnson? I totally see that, she's beautiful.

I have been in 4 of my BFFs weddings and I did cry, but not uncontrollably--I cried unexpectedly at the showers though, it was really strange and I was surprised by how emotional I was.

Blossom said...

I have been a bridesmaid at FIVE of my very close friends' weddings...cried at them all. Also was in my brother's wedding party....just call me "Miss Bridesmaid". I think that saying was made for me!

Blossom said...

Oh, and DUH you looked great! Wish I could have seen a close up of the bridesmaid dress!

Brittany said...

Lol you are too cute. I love what you wore! I always cry at weddings. I think it's just a given.

Elizabeth said...

Your dress is SUPER cute! you look amazing!!! how fun, I love weddings!!

Sportsgirl said...

I shed a little tear at one of my friends wedding. I almost bawled throughout my own - the whole ceremony I concentrated on NOT crying once I composed myself... LOL

SKVD6 said...

looooooove your teal dress & the curls too cute! :) FYI: I posted my next free blog giveaway! SKV6.BLOGSPOT.COM

I'm 2 for 2 with close friends getting married and me crying.

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