Thursday, May 27, 2010

Remember that joke that begins: Is your refrigertaor running....?

Yeah. Not funny.

My fridge is on the fritz. Right before Memorial Day and my precious chicken/veggie kabobs and 4 cheese macaroni & cheese are on the line, here folks.

Thank GOD I got a home builders 1-year warranty when I bought my house, because not ONLY is my fridge acting all crazy... My AIR conditioner went out Tuesday. WTF. Broken air in Lower Alabama= Hell on earth. Got that fixed yeterday. Wait, wait- let's top all of this off with the fact that I got a speeding ticket Tuesday. BAHA. Yeahhh....good times.

In happier news...I won this blog award :-) And I think this gives you guys a glipmse of who I am on a more personal level so I'm doing it....Thank you, CarolinaBelle!

The Rules:
1. Copy and Paste the above image onto your blog.
2. Answer the questions below.
3. Pass onto bloggers that you love and let them know they've been given this award.

1. Who is your style icon (s)?
OMG, like, Hellooo?? None other than.........

Miss Britney Spears!!!

Yeah, sike. Just playin'. Although I will say I never judged Britney for looking as trashy as she did/does/will. Let's be honest. Well, alright, I'll be honest- I don't look glam and cute all day everyday, so why should she? Let's not argue over the fact that "She's a celeb. It's her 'duty' to look presentable as an often-photographed celeb." Uhm. no.

But who IS my celeb style icon? I honestly don't know that I have one. I don't like the "celebrity" wear- When I think of celebrity fashion I think of a black over sized vest over top a white wife beater with leggings and some gladiator shoes. Oh and let's throw in some hugh-gass sunglasses and purse. I'm sorry- that's not MY style. I'm not a real "trendy" girl. I like classics. (i.e.- A cute, flirty and girly dress. Jeans and a NICE, put-together top. Throw on some accessories and I'm done. And look good.)

Crikey! I can't even answer the first question without rambling....Ok, shit. No, in all honesty, it's this woman. How did I ever have a doubt

Just kidding again. Sorry Lady Ga.

I really love Carrie Underwood's style. Maybe because it's wearable in the real world? I just love how gorgeous and glitzy she always seems to look. I love me some glam and glitz, mmkay? But when you look like her- in all her gorgeousness- how can anything look bad on you? :-)

2. What is your favorite Socialite lit book?
uhm. I'm not really a socialite lit reader- OK, I do adore Emily Giffin's books and Sophia Kinsella's, but I'd much rather delve into some Jeffrey Deaver or musician autobiography.

3. Favorite party theme?
Anything PINK PINK PINK and MORE PINK! Glam! And can I just say the Hawaiian/tropical theme is played the hell out. Can we just lock that one in a vault for about 10 years?

4. Go to Halloween costume?
Not quite sure I'm following you.....Go to Halloween costume? As in....should I always have one at arm's length? BAHAH!! Well in that case, allow me to just refer you back to question number #1. Got some cutoff frayed shorts, black tights, a tight pink midriff top and some lipstick to smear on your face? Voila!! BRITNEY.

(Honestly. I don't have a go to Halloween costume. I just buy what's cute and what I feel like being that the last minute.)

5. Extravagance you cannot live without?
My shopping. Especially at Anthro. I've tried to stop and I. Just. CAN'T!

6. Living person you admire?
Yes, I admire my parents. Everyone child SHOULD. They do so much for us hoodlums.

7. Greatest fear?
Spiders. Besides that? The dark. Besides THAT? My mom or dad dying too soon.

8. Trait you deplore in yourself?
Oh good God. I am the FIRST to admit my flaws. Where should I start?? Nah- I don't think I'll throw myself under the bus today. I'll just pick ONE ;-) How about my anxiety? I get the worst freakin' anxiety. I am constantly over-thinking (which is another trait I deplore, but kinda goes hand-in-hand with my anxiousness) Everything..."What did he MEAN when he said that?" "Why is she coming over that day and not this day??" "Will they be happy with this drink or should I make this." and so on and so forth. It drives me crazy and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm making myself sick internally when I do this.

I'm a strong woman who puts up with nobody's shit, but when it comes right down to it, I'm also somewhat of a people pleaser....Well, hell.

9. Which talent would yo most like to have?
Singing. I would LOVE to be able to sing like Christina or Mariah, that little skank. *sigh*

10. Greatest Achievement?
Graduating college and finding a most awesome career with my public affairs degree.

Is it initially how I've always wanted to do PR? No (music is my love). The job path I took, however, is a secure one and I love working with our nation's Army. It's a very rewarding job most days.

I think my answers are crazo, but I'm half asleep in my chair.
I tag everyone who's name begins with the letter "K"!


Lindsay said...

haha I totally remember that joke!!! You better go catch it..... Bummer deal it's going out! Good luck getting it fixed and your ac too!! Have a great weekend :)

Oh wow...awful things usually happen in sets of 3. Now you're done for a while. Get that AC fixed!!! If it's anything like the Carolinas you'll get heat stroke or at the least chronic heat rash (ugly in Anthro clothing).

Yay for makeshift Britney costumes!

Kelly said...

Love Carrie Underwood's style too! I LOVE her signature dress style. Greg and I call her a barbie doll because she SO IS-- she's just so cute, she's like a cartoon ;-)

Britney, Britney... love her too, but gah, she needs some help. Lawrd knows she has the money for it, hah!

Best of luck with your 'fridge and air conditioning treating you well this weekend! Have a good one!! :-)

Oh, and I'm a "K" yay!

Great answers! I ADORE Carrie, and Brit Brit is the easiest Halloween costume ever. Hope your fridge gets worked out ASAP!

Brittany said...

bad things do happen in 3's so you should be good for awhile! Hopefully you'll be able to get yourself out of that ticket in court :-)

Carrie does have pretty style :-)

Hilarious that you called us all hoodlums haha. I admire my parents as well :-)

I hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!

haha Love your answers! And I knew you loved brit brit but figured she wasn't your style icon! Carrie is a classy little dresser - love it!

I'm a K - eek - i'll have to post tomorrow - great tag!

Carrie is so classy. Love her. And her style.

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