Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Just when I FINALLY find THE perfect duvet for re-vamping one of my spare bedrooms.......SOLD OUT. Grrrr. Not even on backorder, Anthropologie, but Sold Out? Come ON! Here it is. The Cirrus Duvet in ocean. *sigh* It would go perfectly with my vision for the room....

I'm keeping my eyes peeled on e-bay and on Anthro's website for a possible re-stock. If any of you find this duvet in Ocean, PLEASE let me know ASAP :-)

I'm planning on getting a double/queen bed for the other spare bedroom (I have a total of 3 bedrooms) since the other room only has a twin. I'm starting to feel bad for my guests who have to sleep on an air mattress :-/

So, to all my Anthro loving chicks out there- I need your help with the sizing and fit of a few items I have my eye on. I live 3 hours from the nearest Anthro store, so trying on is O-U-T for me. What are your thoughts on......

Eyeleted Islands Dress- $158

Live Oaks Dress- $188 (WTF>?)

Sweet Shoppe Dress- $158

Island Holiday Dress- Sale $79.95 (This looks FAB on Natalie. Wouldn't have given it a second glance otherwise!)

Transposed Tulips Blouse- $98 (again...Geez with the price, yo)

New Arrival- Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress- $168

Tiny Windows Dress- $118

That's a bunch of the stuff in my Anthro shopping cart as of right now. It sucks not being near a real life store.

Running Update: I know you runners who follow me probably can't stand these "fashion" posts- but that's part of me, babay!! For those of you who are wondering- yes, I'm still training for the Army 10-miler. Things have been a little sucky lately with the running, however....I haven't given up yet. Please keep the encouragements coming because it truly does give me a world of hope!

I'll be posting about my make-up routine- specifically foundation/face, so if you're interested look for that tomorrow!


Chrissy said...

Get the new Stemmed Sweetbriar Dress! That would look amazing with your coloring and gorgeous blue eyes.

Veronika said...

my duvet is the parachute duvet from west elm, and though not as voluminous, it's somewhat similar :)
good luck!

Robin said...

I loved the Transposed Tulip blouse! I am definitely buying it when it goes on sale! I took a 12, but I'd probably size up if I had bigger gazangas.

I really like the Live Oaks dress, too!

And that bedding is SO pretty. Personally, I'm waiting for THIS to go on sale:

Big Pissy said...

have you tried calling the store in Atlanta? The one in Lenox? If they have it and will hold it (even till end of business the day you call) I'll go and buy it for you.

Always willing to help a another shopper out!

Let me know. :)

Kelly said...

OH my!! I LOVE the Island Eyeletted dress and the Tiny Window dress-- I am DRAWN to eyelets and little embellishments. I love the color of the first dress too. The Island Holiday dress is really fun too! Love the colors!!

Happy Friday Eve! :-D

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love love love the tiny windows dress and the island holiday dress...too bad I'm poor at the moment, lol

Miss K said...

That's a GORGEOUS duvet! I hope you find it, good luck!

I really like that duvet. I guess a lot of people did :-/

I like your fashion posts :) I'm just poor and shop at Forever 21, Target, Macy's, and Express sometimes. I splurge on Nine West shoes though. They are worth it.

Oh and I'm still debating running the Army 10 miler. I'm doing a half marathon in September, and hopefully another in November.

My friend is running that race. She wants me to try to find a race bib. I may. I'll at least be there spectating it!

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