Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm up and there's no turning back

I was awoken by a strange dream that involved a creeper trying to see which apartment I went into after getting off the metro...Yeah. My dreams are strange.

Anyway, I'm glad I woke up because today is Anthropologie SALE DAY!! I love this day, when I have money. Here's my loot:

Silken Pathways Dress- $168
Uhm, yeah, so, not on sale, but I couldn't wait any longer to try it out! I hear the colors are even more vibrant and dress cuter in real life. We'll see...

End of the Rainbow Earrings-
Last minute addition to my bag. These have been on my wishlist because I love all the pops of color. NOT on sale.

Keep It Simple Tunic- $68
Ok, geez, yet another item NOT on sale from my purchase. It's a good price, however, and I love this bright turquoise color!

Castle Lake Dress- $89.95 (was $168)
When I've seen this on Anthropologie blogger reviews, they always pull this dress off well- Personally I love the shape and the colors and am really hoping this one is a homerun!

Paint The Night Chemise- $29.95 (was $58)
Cute little nighties/lounge-wear are just so adorable to me!

Running: I ran outside for the first time since starting my training for the Army 10-miler race. If you follow me, you know I have always ran on treadmills because my shins and right knee always get out of whack from hard outside asphalt/ground. I am happy to report that the run outside was amazing! My mom came with me, and we jogged/walked/ran a 3.5 mile trail. I only recorded 3 miles, however.

I've had my BEST time yet with 5K! Not a "great" time: 37:00. But you know what? I'm OK with this. I had a feeling my outside runs would have a better time that on that blasted treadmill...

I can't begin to tell you how happy I am that I purchased the Garmin Forerunner 305 watch. That baby gives me motivation like NO other

I think I'll try to go back to bed for another hour or so. But all I can think about is an egg white omelet?? (whiskey. tango. foxtrot?)


Anonymous said...

Really pretty pics! And thanks for the sale update :)
That nightie is adorable.

You are rocking your fitness girl!!

Great clothes!!! I think the black and pink chemise is so adorable!!!! Thanks for sharing! :)

Natalie said...

I love those earrings- they keep going in and out of my shopping cart. and both of those dresses are going to look wonderful on you!

Anonymous said...

I am so jealous! I LOVE every piece you bought! Congrats on the run!

Robin said...

omg I LOVE that chemise. I may just have to buy it for myself!

I spent WAY too much at Anthro today! I went ahead and bought the Omnipresent skirt, and then bought all three colors of the Circle the Globe skirts! Eeeek!!!!

Nice run. The more I run outside, the more I want a Garmin. Lucky you that you have one and all those cute Anthropologie clothes !

Ashley said...

Ohhh...I LOVE those earings!! I have been trying to motivate myself to get out there and start running!

MsHark said...

Wow you bought some amazing things! I love those earrings too, and the dresses look like they will be very flattering on you! let us know how it all works out!


Robin said...

ok so I bought the chemise yesterday and I'm wearing it now! IN LOVE!!!!

prettyface said...

Robin- YAY!! I love it too!! OMG, it's perfect and I'm so glad I snagged it up!!

Anonymous said...

Anthro is the best!!!

Robin said...

Ok so I totally copied you and I bought that tunic today online bc it went on sale. How does it fit??? What size did you get? I loved the turquoise, and one of the SA's had it on last weekend at Anthro. SO pretty!

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