Monday, April 26, 2010

Garmin arrives & Flower Bed Designs

I feel so uninspired to post anything....This will be short and blah.

Number 1: My Garmin Forerunner 305 arrived Saturday, and I'm itching to try it outside on a run! My knee however is NOT. I ran today after a four day hiatus from ANY sort of activity- besides driving a car 12 hours this weekend (Heloooo, Bridal Shower!)- and my knee started hurting. ugh. This is why I start on the treadmill and work my way outside to harder surfaces. Let's just hope the pain subsides. I stretched and stretched after my TWO mile disaster today. haha!
Number 2: The Bridal Shower. It was great- a rainy, muggy day in Augusta, GA, but the bride and groom were so pleased and loved the shower. I loved that they loved it. It was tough at times- Backstory: Amanda has four bridesmaids. I've known Amanda since Kindergarten, been close friends since 8th grade- She moved to GA after our Sophomore year of high school. She made friends, naturally, and I like them, I truly do, but I got the feeling (and my feelings are strong and ALWAYS almost right) that they looked at me (STILL!?) as an outsider. Me? The outsider? Amanda & I have shared more than they ever will.....

They looked at me like I wasn't doing a good enough job as MOH. Maybe I'm imagining it, but I felt "talked down to" at times. Whatever. The only reason my inner bitch didn't come out was because they just aren't worth it. They're like vapid air. I thank God everyday that I have a personality.

I also felt left out because I was practically the ONLY girl at the shower who was single. Ok, Ok, actually, I was the ONLY single girl at the shower...Do you have any idea how it feels to be the ONLY single girl in a house full of couples? It's like a nightmare. Events like this make me question why I'm 26 and don't even have a boyfriend...and why I don't really CARE. LOL. Don't EVEN get me started on one of the bridesmaids who got engaged THREE months after meeting her husband. BAHAH! yeahhhh.....

I'm waiting for Mr. Right. And if I'm 40 when i find be it. At least I won't be divorced in 5 years. Or worse...unhappy in a marriage.

(No offense to y'all who are married. No offense to anyone who engaged after 3 months of knowing someone....well, maybe. Are you nuts?!)

Here's a Bride & Bridesmaids photo from the day. Bride-to-be is the blonde. AND YES. I'm wearing the same dress I wore to my friend's engagement party last weekend. LOL. I was in a rush to pack so I grabbed what I knew to be pretty-ful! Sue me. I did add a J. Crew flower sash instead of the green one it came with. I like it!

Doing my MOH duty! I love how that skillet weighs more than Amanda! LOL @ her face!

The engraved vase frame I got for the shower. I HEART daisies!

Can you tell I'm just slightly wound up? This is possibly why I've avoided blogging today- I hate negativity in my blog writing, but helps. Might I add, three glasses of wine doesn't really censor my fast typing fingers, either. ;-)

Number 3: I'm planting my first flower bed! Hot damn...who would have thought my weekend plans would include "planting flowers" for fun. I'm so excited!! My little backyard is begging for some color and pretty things! I know I want azalea bushes (which are hugley popular here in the South), but what to put in the bed......Snapdragons? Hydrangeas? Carnations? Hmm...Do you have a flower bed? What's in yours??

It's bedtime folks. I have an early start to my morning. Welcome to the world of public affairs!


Veronika said...

vent away girl! sometimes, you just need to vent :)

good for you with your running! glad you are so I need you to motivate ME! LOL.

My best friend is 29 and not married and she is fabulous! She dates a lot but just hasn't found that someone special...nothing wrong with that :) Better to be single and then find the one a little later than finding the wrong one earlier on :)

Blah, how well I know the situation you're in. I'm the last of the single mohicans in my area and I'm so tired of explaining why my relationships don't work out and why I'm always showing up solo. I've already had friends that have divorced and we're in our mid twenties and I have some that are having their second or third child (Eek!). I especially appreciate this post, going into yet another wedding season alone it is fantastic to think I'm not the only one!

Brittany said...

Hey, this is your blog so say what you want :-) What a strange situation to be in though (the bridal party part) but you are the MOH! I say their jealous :-) I love the dress. I think I told you that before though lol.

I hope your knee starts to feel better ASAP!

Try and have a great week pretty lady :-)

prettyface said...

CarolinaBelle84- Well, I'm glad you appreciate this post. I try to steer clear of the "single" subject because I follow so many married/wedding blogs. And I love the girls to pieces and love their blogs obviously, but where are all the single lady blogs about living it up? LOL ALL my single ladies. All the single Beyonce would sing...

Brittany- You are so freaking sweet and CUTE! I think those girls may be jealous as well ;-) LOL Yeah, you probably did say that dress was cute already- seeing as how I wore it twice in two weekends. I am a class act.

Genesis said...

i always helps to talk about things, and we wont stop reading if you decide to just vent :D

girl you tower over them girls, you could totally take them if it came down to that. give me a call and ill help you out!

love the vase you got her. so cute. and i love daisies too.

yay for garmin. now you have to name it...blogger tradition

prettyface said...

genesis- Oh, girl. I've named her......Meet Britney (Named after the one and only Miss Britney Spears. I'm kinda a Brit groupie ;-) )

Michélle said...

I just found your blog and love it! :)
I can relate SOOOO much to the things you are writing that it makes me laugh and sad at the same time.. lol
I know all too well about being the only single person there. I didn't meet my fiancé until I was 32, but then again in Scandinavia the average age of marriage is 30. I know it's different in the Us.

- And you are drop dead gorgeous!! All over! ;) I think guys probably find you intimidating because you are so beautiful and you actually have a personality to go with it. But that's good, because then stupid guys without backbone wont waste your time ;)

Blossom said...

Ha! You're way prettier than they are. And yes, I am consistently the only single one anywhere. It sucks. A lot. But we shouldn't settle just to have someone. So don't let them get you down! They're jealous they weren't picked to be MOH, they don't know you at all.

ahhhh wedding parties... their just the BEST! lol the one I was in a few months ago drove me nuts. I felt like every single girl was the girly girl that's all about flowers and perfect china and blah blah blah and by the end of it I was so sick of hearing countdowns and tiny little details about it. I felt like the girls looked at me weird bc I wasn't as upbeat as them!

Natalie said...

there is nothing wrong with being single at your age! As long as your happy and fulfilled I wouldn't let it get to you. my cousins just getting married for the first time at 40, and she had a perfectly happy wonderful single woman's life till she found mr. right.

and can I just say that I love that jcrew belt with that dress- I have the belt and a lulu's knock off of that dress- I'm going to have to copycat I think.

We have flower beds with marigolds and petunias! THey're so cute- Austin planted them. :)

on to the goods...

GIRL - I FEEL YOU. I feel that way in every wedding party (everyone seems to have an agenda or make it about them or this odd tension over who knows the bride best). HATE IT. And I think being single at your age is ABSOLUTELY fine. And normal! You know when you get married folks are just going to be asking where your kids are so I say take. your. time. Believe me, I found Austin at 19 - if i'd found him 3 months ago (or prob even 3 years ago knowing me) a wedding would not be being planned!! LOL :)

Anonymous said...

Someone got engaged after 3 months... SICK! Life has a set of rules, standards and traditions and people who go against deserve little to no respect.

I'm sorry those ladies were hating on you! You're got class, even in your a$$. :)

I admire your class at not saying anything to those b*@#y girls!! Sucks that they were being so condescending, they should have been trying to make you feel welcome IMO! And ack, I feel you on the single thing, that must have made the atmosphere tough as well. Anyway, in a slightly more positive note, I think you look lovely and radiant and you outshone everyone else there!!

I am right there w/ you. I am in a wedding this summer where I am the ONLY single girl! Totally feel your pain.

I know two GORGEOUS BEAUTIFUL SUCESSFUL women (I know them from the pageant world) who BOTH did not marry until they were 40. Makes me feel good to keep them in mind. And believe me, when I say beautiful and successful, these two really are.

You look beautiful as always! Hope that your knee feels better soon :-)

I know what you mean about the pressure to be dating someone when all your friends are. But at the end of the day, it's not about dating someone, it's about HAPPILY dating someone.

When rebounding I'm guilty of going on dates just because the guy asked me out...this never leads to much. And is probably a bad idea. It really is worth waiting for a guy who gives you butterflies, not just settling on the first guy into you for the sake of a relationship. You're awesome!

And I agree with you 100% on waiting for the right guy. Which is why I'm single :)

I did not meet my husband until I was 31. I thought I would be single forever. I wasn't unhappy about it, but I was a tad lonely. All men were the same. Then I met my husband on a blind date. I guess the old saying is true....when you know, you know. The problem is, you might not know until much later than you had hoped. I needed to get out of my same old area to meet different people. I was bad with that!

Big Pissy said...

I can tell you right now why those other girls were bitchy to you: you're GORGEOUS and they're average looking at best.

They're jealous of your stunning beauty. Seriously.

You keep on being you, pretty girl! :)

p.s. and what Kell said is SO true! ;-)

Jessica said...

I know what you mean about people getting engaged so FAST! My sister got engaged to her boyfriend just a few months after knowing him as well! I, personally, think it's absolutely CRAZY!

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