Monday, April 19, 2010

Outfit of The DAY (plus) Army 10-miler training up-to-the-date.

Run Training: After mulling over all of your advice, I decided the best thing for me to do is an entire 3 miles, focusing on the distance & endurance, and not so much my pace yet.....uhmmmyeyah. My time sucked today. LOL. I knocked out 3 miles in 40:00. Ugh. Excuse me while I unfurrow my brow and de-crinkle my nose. Nah, I didn't expect to run it in 30:00, or even 35:00, but 40? Geez. You can call me Grandma Jenny.

I'll just keep on trudging along- because I can only get better :-)

I made a great purchase yesterday- a Garmin Forerunner 305! I obviously really would have liked to have the much sleeker and cuter green garmin 405, but I still love my Anthropologie, people. I can't spend a fortune on a running watch. This is perfect though and have heard good things from friends about it- I love the idea of knowing exactly what your pace and distance is. What motivation! Look how big this sucker is...I mean, really. I'd almost think this was a big joke. HAHA!! Looks like something from the '80s.OOTD: Yes, I FINALLY have an outfit of the day photo. I know, I know. Did I not promise you all I was going to start doing this? :-) I honestly don't do it more because what I wear to work is dull most days. I'm in public affairs and I rarely ever get out of my cubical (Yeah. The Public in Public Affairs wouldn't really suggest I sit in a cube all day would it? Don't get me wrong- I get out plenty, but not for long periods of time.) Most days I'm doing social media stuff and talking to media on the phone.

Anyway- My outfit of zee day.

Occasion- Casual Engagement Party
Dress- Anthro, Summer 2008

Cardigan- TJ Maxx ($5!)
Sandals- Target (Similar here)

Why does my dog insist on licking me after I've takena shower or sweated. UGH. Drives me CRAZY!! Then I feel bad for scolding. :-/ (random thought. Because he's freakin' doing it NOW as I type.)

Dinner tonight is whole wheat spaghetti and turkey meatballs. Lunch and dinner for tomorrow (pre-made tonight) Stuffed Bell peppers (with turkey meat).

Have a wonderful night.
For all you Anthro lovers- see you on the webiste bright and early for *hopefully* a great sale!!


Brittany said...

That outfit is adorable! Lovee the dress.

Awesome job on running 3 miles. Better than I can do that's for sure lol. Keep up the good work :-) You'll be running 3 miles with an awesome time shortly, I just know it!

Hope you had a good weekend :-)

You look so cute! LOVE that outfit on you!!

hey you gotta start somehwere! You are going to surprise yourself with how you develop endurance! i have that same garmin and it makes me laugh how big it is too...but i LOVE it!!

oh and you're looking super cute, love the outfit!!

MsHark said...

you look super cute in your dress!!

and you know what, slow and steady! you'll improve every time you run!

Blossom said...

You look gorgeous! I'm sure your doggie licks you because you taste good (lotion or something?). Or he just loves you!

Genesis said...

i love love love your sandals...

thanks for coming over to my blog. your comment really made my day. i never thought id inspire anyone :) thank you a million times over for that.

congrats on the 305. the humungoness takes some time to get used to. but now i wear it with pride. when i see people with it at races, i feel a connection. lol I KNOW IM LAME!

slow and steady like msHark says. on the treadmill i still average 40:00 3 milers. Outside is such a better place to run...

Wow, I love your dress! It's really cute. Bright green is such a fun color!

Don't fret about your time! I'm sure its better than tons of people who don't run and don't blog about their lack of running... see what I mean ;)

Pace is just something to keep running exciting when the newness of it wears off. The reason you'll see it mentioned in so many running blogs is the people writing them have covered the distance multiple times before. Completion of the run is [basically] a given. A faster pace gives them a goal to work toward. You're doing awesome!

prettyface said...

Thank you, thank you, alll of you :-) The more I thought about that nasty time, the better I felt, because at least I completed 3 miles and I'm jogging/running a mile and 2 miles better than ever before. Many hugs and kisses to ALL of you.

Norwego said...

I am jealous of your killer legs.

Kelly said...

Aww, you look fabulous!! :-D Way to go with your running!! And that little paragraph about your dinner made my stomach grooooowl!!! ;-) Happy Tuesday!

Love that outfit! Anthro is just SO dang classic- and you're looking tan and fabulous missy!!

3 miles in 40 minutes is great!

Love the dress. Love the hair. Your cardio is killing me...<3

Anonymous said...

Cute, cute, cute dress! I love the sass you add to it. :)

Natalie said...

you look too cute- love you hair!!

and don't worry about how long it took you- it matters that you a) did it and b) you will totally improve tons with time!

The green looks fabulous on your darling, remember what The Bumpkin is telling you, and work it, work that Kelly green girl! Too Cute!

elledee said...

you look really really great! the kelly green on that anthro dress is perfect for you

Hi!!! Just found your blog!!! Love that dress! The green looks beautiful on you! Have a great day! :)

Hey lady!! I run at 6.3!

Jessica said...

You are just so pretty in that dress! It's so flattering!

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