Saturday, April 17, 2010

Freakin' Fackin' Coffee

I need some coffee...Maybe two servings of it. Sudafed has knocked me on my ass- I slept wayyy too hard last night and woke up with puffy eyes and a feeling of drunkenness. I didn't even get to drink any wine.

I wish I could stay home all day and do nothing instead of get dressed and go to my friend's engagaement party...I'm in her wedding. I guess I'm obligated to go. LOL. And I want to go, just not right now (current time 9:40 a.m. CST).

Happily, I signed up for TWO 5k's in the next few weekends! May 1st and May 8th. Nothing better than some practice competitions- and I'm excited to see how I do. I purchased a Garmin Forerunner 305 for my runs, to keep track of my pace and time- it was recommended to me by Meghhan, who is SUCH a running inspiration for me.

I'll give you my running stats for the past few days. WARNING: They SUCK! :-)

Tuesday: Two miles in 26:31 Wednesday: Two miles in 26:00 Thursday: Two miles in 25:39

Do we see a pattern? Ok, sure, my time went down, AND I can gladly say I jogged/ran straight through the first mile and MOST of the second (we're talking no faster than 5.5 at ANY given point here), but I need 3! 3 is the magic number here, guys.

I'm finding it hard to decide if I need to practice for speed or completing an entire 3 miles at a steady pace. Yeah- that last option sounds smarter saying outloud.

So- question for allll of you avid runners out there- Should I focus on completing an entire 3 miles before I focus on speed and ONLY speed? I understand I should do both, but I'm asking, at this moment as a beginner...

Thanks for all of the advice you ladies have given me this week for starting a running lifestyle- The biggest decision I've made is, in a month or so, to drive 3 hours to my nearest Fleet Feet and get fitted for the PERFECT running shoe for me :-) "If you're gonna do it, do it right," I always say! Or maybe someone else said that and I stole it.

I'm off to Dunkin Doughtnuts for coffee. Perhaps I'll be awake next time you hear from me.



Brittany said...

That's great that your time has gotten better! You should be proud of yourself :-)

I can't believe you're doing two 5K's so soon! I need your motivation haha. Good luck in them :-)

Enjoy your friend's bridal party and the rest of your weekend pretty lady!

prettyface said...

Britt- Thanks sooo much! This is the kind of encouragement I love from you guys- you're awesome! I'm of to your blog now...hehe

Olivea said...

No advice on running, sorry. I am still working on that myself! Dunkin Donuts coffee is the best, it is what I brew at home every morning!

Lindsey said...

I'm drinking coffee right now & hoping it kicks in ASAP!!! Good 4 u for running too!!!!

Anonymous said...

That is a great start! No one runs fast when they first start. I still don't run "fast". I would focus on running 3.1 miles and getting that under your belt. Once the races are done, focus on doing some sprints for speed. Regardless of your worst fear, you won't be the last one. I love 5Ks because there are so many different levels of ability. There will be ladies who walk and finish after the ceremony. There will be people who will try to place and every one else in between. Good luck! I love 5K races but 8Ks are my favorite.

you are going to LOVE your Garmin, I don't know how I lived w/o mine now! :)

I would say for now focus on getting the distance in first and then once you feel comfortable with that distance then do speed work. Very exciting that you signed up for a couple races, they are super fun & great way to keep you motivated!

Wow. I'm jealous you have a Garmin... I still don't! And that's cool about your upcoming 5ks!

I'm going to agree with everyone who has already commented that right now your goal should be trying to run as much of the 5k as you can without stopping. The time it takes you doesn't matter.

Speed work is really about improving your current pace...which you haven't tested that in a race yet. I'd say leave your watch at home on the day of your first 5k and just see what happens.

I'd also wait until you start going on long runs (6+ miles) for the speed work. At that point 2-3 miles will be a piece of cake and you'll have the base to push yourself faster. But, that's just how I'd do it. The cool thing about running is it's an individual sport so really you have the freedom to do whatever you want ;-)

Just like some of the previous comments have stated - work on endurance THEN focus on your speed. Good luck with your new obsession! ;)

spiffy said...

I agree with the others, get your endurance up and then think about speed. With the endurance you will naturally get a little faster, but you don't want to get injured incorporating speed work so early :)

Veronika said...

i'm proud at how hard you've been working at your running! endurance is always something i have trouble with when it comes to cardio

Big Pissy said...

It sounds like you're doing great!

Keep it up! :)

You have been doing so great! I would love to be able to run one day....sigh...
Have a great day!

So glad you got the garmin! And yeah girl -your times going down is awesome!! Very smart to sign up for two runs - that's going be so fun. I'm such a running newbie that I'd hate to offer any shotty advice! :)

JP said...

First off... you're running and that's cool in itself... so the fact you're not going fast... well that's ok.

Now imnsho, if you want to train for the 5k, yes I personally would try to work on first completing the 5k, then work on completing it faster...

But that's just my humble opinion...

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