Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My first training attempt

Uhm. So last night, I laced up my sneakers (need new ones soon. Keep reading. More on that later in this entry.) and hopped on my beautiful, new treadmill for my VERY first "training" session for this Army 10-miler.

I shouldn't get so involved with the distance and time, seeing as how I haven't RAN an entire mile in over a YEAR, but I was slightly disappointed, yet still motivated to keep pushing myself little by little.

It was hard NOT to think about the distance of 10 miles. As I ran/jogged/walked/panted, questions swirled in my brain, "How in the HELL am I going to run 3 miles, let alone all 10 come race day in October?!", "1.75 miles? That's IT?? I'm gonna die."

My stats?
I walked/jogged/ran the first mile in 12:30. Mile 2: 14:00. Total time for 2 measly miles: 26:30.

I was really hoping to run 5K in under 30 minutes, but thinking honestly about it- that's FAST. 10:00 mile? *BAHAHA!!* Yeah, I am nowhere near that.

And don't you hate those people who will post a Facebook status and/or complain about something, when in actuality it's nothing to complain about? Well, I do.


"UGH. Completed the 5K in 32 minutes. Horrible time, but not bad for my first run."

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Really?? Really?? Care for some cheese with that wine?

So, anyway. I'm still trying to determine the BEST training method for me. Tonight I think I'll try to jog/run 10 minutes straight- not going super fast, but at comfortable speeds so that I won't need a break. We'll see the distance I get and I can improve from there, slowly adding more run time minute by minute, week by week.

The most important thing I realized last night was how my priorities have shifted since being signed up for this race. No longer, at least for now, are my workouts/runs centered around me losing weight. I'm working out/strength training/running because I want to improve. I want to accomplish a feat that most people are SCARED to even begin. The perk about all of this? The weight will still come off and I'm not even concerned about it- it'll JUST happen. Do you know how freeing that is?? It's a total feeling of freedom.
Add Image
I was scared of running. Still am in a way- It's something I've always thought of as impossible for myself. Run 3 miles straight? (I was one of the last kids in school to finish their mile run.) When that day comes, I may cry.

On to shoes: Running shoes that is. Although not my fave type of shoe, nor the prettiest & sexiest, a very important one. Have any of you heard/seen the new Reebok Zigtech shoes?
Here they are. The coolest thing? You can customize colors! Bring on the hot pink!!

Although, not the most attractive (how about them lasagana noodle lookin' soles??)- they are supposedly designed as "energy for your feet", propelling you forward per say? I'd like to try them on and get a feel for them. At present time I wear Adidas with the shocks looking things on the bottom- gives me great support. If you run at all or workout, what shoes do you wear?

Another realization? I need more carbs if I'm going to run. Geez. Talk about almost pass-out city for me last night. LOL!
Have a great Wednesday.


Liz B said...

As a runner, I would suggest going to a running specialty store. I use 'Luke's Locker' down here in Texas.

They can watch you walk/run and look at your old shoes to determine what type of shoe you need. Some people need arch support, some people pronate, etc.

When I first started running I spent well over $100 on a fancy pair of Nike's from Lady Footlocker. A few months later at the suggestion of a friend I went to be fitted for a pair of running shoes and ended up with a $75 pair of Asics that felt like Heaven on Earth.

Shoes can make a world of difference when you're running!!

Keep up the good work and the encouraging posts!

Ok first off, I think your line of thinking is perfect! When i was playing soccer in college, one summer I worked every day so that I could improve my game... before i knew it, the summer was over and my mom thought I was throwing up my meals... The thing is, I never thought once about my weight... now I can't stop thinking about it and a lb won't come off!

And yes I know the "sympathy complainers" the ones that just want someone to talk great about them out of the deal.. My best friend kept complaining about how a small skirt was too big on her... ummmm stfu!

Anonymous said...

That is so amazing! Good for you for being so determined. You are an inspiration.

Alexandra said...

I find ASICS to be the best running shoes! I have a larger frame (5'10", 200 lbs...I think we might have similar body frames, no one would ever think I weigh 200 lbs by looking at me!) and run almost every day. These are my current shoes:
ASICS Gel-Cumulus
and I love them! Great cushioning and support!

prettyface said...

Liz- Unfortunately I'm pretty sure there's no speacialty shoe place like that where I live. it sucks :(

Adorably Distracted- YUP!! Those people grate my NERVES. LOL Yes, honey, we know ur skirt is smaller. Great! Wonderful. Shutup now.

Andi- Thank you! That makes me feel wonderful for you to say that!

Alexandra- We do have similar frames! I wanna try those shoes you have- Added to my list. Thanks!

Jams said...

Way to go on getting on the treadmill to train! That's the first step! Don't push yourself too hard out of the gate! Like you said, work on running for 10 minutes straight. Do that a couple of days and the build onto it... maybe shoot for 12 minutes and then 15, etc.

As for needing more carbs if you're going to be running... not completely true, unless you're running REALLY long distances (think half-marathon/marathon). When you're doing your short training runs, definitely fuel your body with good, healthy foods and listen to your body's signals about hunger.

You're gonna do GREAT!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Asics. They are the only running shoe I will wear. I have never had a blister or a problem while wearing them.

Veronika said...

i wear a Nike pair (hot pink and light grey) I really like them. I forget what they are called though, sorry :(

Kelly said...

I have a secret-- I hate running. I really don't like it. I TRY to like it, or even convince myself that I like it... yet I just don't-- especially on a treadmill :-P I can get through EACH mile by thinking that one song on the ipod is 3minutes... so therefore it will take 4 songs to get through a mile. I try to break it down by songs and it makes it easier for me... maybe it will work for you too!!! :-)

So glad you're doing the running thing - I think that's a GREAT time for 2 miles - hang in there! I do Kelly's song thing too- how funny! But you know I just started this year - it's hard. And I don't know if I like it yet. And if I get to 3 miles straight in 30 minutes I will cry fo sho! :) My shoes are Nike pegasus I think? They felt best!

Sportsgirl said...

I wear Asics Gel Kayano because I overpronate. I love them!

Norwego said...

You'll be able to work up to longer distances as your legs get stronger. I could not complete a mile without stopping and thinking I was going to die when I first started. It gets easier!

And I hear you on the hungry thing, running makes you hungry! I think it's okay to eat more, just make sure to eat cleanly.

You'll get to 3 miles before you know it and then you'll be like, whoa! I just ran 3 miles and it wasn't that hard!

Natalie said...

I going to echo the suggestion that you go to a running store- they are great at fitting people for shoes at most of them.

I personally prefer aisics over pretty much any other athletic shoe myself though.

(and I wont lie, kinda a teensy scared of those reeboks- though your lasagna description was both apt and absolutely hilarious.)

and good job for your first try out- it will def. take a while to get the mileage up, just keep on it and don't get discouraged- you'll eventually get there!! :)

spiffy said...

congratulations on working towards such a great goal! I am an avid runner and would be happy to help you if you have any questions. I'm not an expert or anything, but I have been running a long time and have experienced everything from injuries to chafing to burnout to you name it! I can't wait to see how you progress! Speaking of shoes, I wear mizunos, they are lightweight and not super expensive but shoes are so runner specific, just try on a bunch and go with what feels right :)

Hi! I just stumbled on to your blog and wanted to say good luck with your 10 miler! I know the distance seems intimidating, but you still have a lot of time left to train. Have you tried looking online for training programs? They will help build up your endurance.

And i wear Brooks for my running shoes. :)

I have NO IDEA how you found my blog...but wow I'm glad you did! Your blog is so cute!

And I can TOTALLY relate to where you are coming from. My quest to become a "runner" started right before I graduated high school. I went to an elementary school track and ran like five laps and that was all I could do. (This was a small track so not even a mile) BUT.. I stuck with it that summer....
I didn't do a 10k until towards the end of college. Post college is when I started doing half marathons and my first 10 miler.

I'm very impressed you are jumping into something so long for your first race! The Army 10 is a great race! It's probably what pushed me over the edge to want to run a long distance... b/c I was a water station girl in 2008. There is tons of crowd support and many fine looking soldiers! I'm excited to follow your progress, and I'll be at the Army 10 this fall whether I run it or cheer on my friend who signed up. HOOAH!

I'm very partial to Asics for running shoes because... well just about everyone I knew who ran track in high school loved Asics... AND the gel in them provides a lot of cushion/molds to your foot a little. I've worn $70 Adidas and Nikes for running before, neither compare to the support I get from $70 Asics. The most important thing is finding a pair of shoes you love because you'll be spending a lot of time with them :)

Tina Mol said...

Hello, I am new to your blog and I have to say have really enjoyed your workout & fashion post. I have kind of a personal question, I would of left it as a message, but I could not find a place to message you.

I see that you work in Public Affairs and I am an English major and recently decided to do a dual major with Communications. My concentration is public relations and my question is has it been easy or hard to find a job?

Are you happy with your work and what advice can you give to me that I should do to help better my chances of getting a job when I graduate? Did you do any internships while in college?

I am sorry about the questions, you seem like a nice and friendly person, and I am limited on people that I know personally that works in public affairs/ public relations.

Thank you, and I hope to hear from you soon.

prettyface said...

Tina- Leave me your e-mail here and I'll be so glad to answer your questions!

Tina Mol said...

Thank you, my email is

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