Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fashion Post: Another peek at my wishlist

My goofy ass treadmill belt has gone caddywonkus on me- it's been slipping over to one side more than the other, so when I run, it sometimes "catches" and it feels like I might eat treadmill. I need to adjust the bolts in the back......

So, in the meantime I'm using this post to show you more clothes/beauty items that I probably don't need, but still love and would like to have:

Dior Capture Totale- This moisturizer was sent to me in a tiny packet from Sephora. It's $125 dollars, but I absolutely LOVED this junk! It's in my Sephora basket for when I get some extra dolla dolla bills- my cart is loaded, so it needs to be soon. Although, that cream LaMer that all the celebs rave about is close to this price, too.....Which one do I get?? Anyone tried that LaMer stuff? It better feel as good as this. I haven't dropped money at Sephora in awhile...That's my excuse.

Calvin Klein's Satin Dress via Nordstrom- I love the color. Love the straps and neckline. It's just wishlisted because I can't decide how MUCH I like it. Ya got me? Bebe Ruffle Halter top- I love this color and I love me some ruffles.

J. Crew's Crystal devoté necklace- NEED this. It's on sale. Maybe I shouldn't tell you all that.....
Etsy The bachelor Wedding Necklace- This was the necklace 'ole girl gave to her bridesmaids to wear on her wedding day to Bachelor Jason. I love it, but I'm not paying $80 bucks for it. Maybe. One day.
Phoebe Rosette & Tuxedo Trim Silk Taffeta Dress- For $348 bucks this girl needs to stand up straight so I can see exactly how this dress lays. I mean, really girl?? Hunched shoulders will not make me want this dress more. Anyway- I love the two-tone blue, but wouldn't pay this price. So it's gonna sit in my wishlist forever. Or until a sale. And even then I'll have to really think hard about it.
Sultra The Siren Styling Dryer- Via Sephora- I think it's high time I invest in a damn good hair dryer- especially seeing as how I have to hold my diffuser onto the main dryer with packing tape. BAHAH!! It's true. My hair is thick and slightly wavy, so a good hair dryer would really benefit me I think. Read more about it here. Can't forget the diffuser either!

Eek! My MAC and Sephora cart are overflowing. I have issues.

Actual Recent Purchase: If you love yellow or bright colors in general get this necklace. It's SUCH a statement piece and gorgeous.

Anthropologie Solstice Necklace- $48
I'm currently trying to decide what to wear to the bride's rehearsal dinner next week...I'm not sure (even though I'm the MOH) what the dress attire is, but I'm sure it's dressy, but not cocktail-ish. Still I wanna look damn good and put-together, so I keep looking at all of J. Crew's Taffeta dresses and that Calvin Klein silk dress above-- too much?? Whattya think? Gimmie some ideas. Send me a link to what YOU would wear if you were going to a dressy/casual-ish rehearsal dinner TONIGHT!!


Love your choices as always! Your real-purchase necklace is AWESOME. Love that it's a total statement piece! The dresses are great, too, especially the Phoebe dress - the detail is amazing!

Girl - fix that treadmill before you get hurt! :)

Blossom said...

Probably a nice dress for the rehersal dinner. You have great taste; I would say don't go too expensive, and maybe something you can wear to another event. So, what did you think of Lost? How about those "alternate endings"? hahaha

Brittany said...

The Calvin Klein dress is so pretty! But I'd need somewhere fancy to wear it to. You could wear it to the rehearsal dinner but I've never been to a wedding so I'm not positive haha. The BeBe top is also gorgeous! And why is that girl trying to be the hunchback of Notre Dame?!

Veronika said...

ohh that blue dress is super cute

Rachel said...

Hey I saw your Ck dress from your last post at Marshalls yesterday!

Genesis said...

i LOVE the calvin klein dress. my absolute fave, and the etsy necklace is so adorable.

I always err on the side of too dressy so I think the CK dress OR one of the J. Crew taffeta dresses would be good...both are perfect for summer wedding rehearsal dinner. Best bet is to ask the bride what she is wearing first!

Anonymous said...

I have used La Mer in the past and wasn't too terribly impressed. I think because I have oily skin though and it was too heavy for me. If you LOVE the Dior, I would rec that. I love the $350 blue dress! Though I'm not too into taffeta. You will look beautiful no matter what!

Natalie said...

I'm gonna say go with the Dior cream- my mom is 59 and has basically no wrinkles for her age (seriously, she let her hair go gray and she looks like she went prematurely gray, it freaks me out, she needs to dye it again) Her anti aging products of choice: Dior. She uses like 4 of their anti aging products and they have certainly done their job. I need to start using them too, the price tag just keeps me away.

Katie ♥ said...

Im loving this post full of hot fashion!!!!!!

How are you beautiful girl!??!! Your comments are the best that you leave me!!!!! Love u!!

Ok that sultra dryer, I have it, and it IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am telling you, go to sephora and buy it now! I have thick hair as well and it is a miracle dryer!!! I got the sophisticate sultra, which is the higher up one, its 280 bux, so worth it girl!

love u!!!!!

Kelly said...

Omigod, absolutely LOVE that Calvin Klein dress. Adore!!!

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