Saturday, April 3, 2010

Treadmill and fashion finds

It really is amazing how being around friends makes you happy- just solidifying my theory that this life we live on earth IS all about relationships and having people around you who you love. Ok...yeah, no, I didn't CREATE this theory, but I strongly believe in it.

OH CRAP MOMENT. I have 3 weeks until my BFF's Couples Wedding Shower and haven't bought any Favors for the guests yet....I'm the MOH. I wanted to buy cute koozies, but now I'm not sure they'll get here in time...Any ideas?? Honestly, I've been outting that idea off because hardly any of the 25 invitees have RSVP'd besides the bridal party and the parents of the couple. Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Do people NOT have consideration anymore? RSVP people. It AIN'T (yes, ain't) that hard!!

I took the first steps toward training for the Army 10-miler today. I bought a treadmill!! I had a budget, so I'm hoping this one holds up for the price tag- It'll be here Thursday! :-) It's The Nordictrak A2750 Pro.

BUT, trust me when I tell you, I realize I not only need to train indoors- but the treadmill will help me to begin with. Plus, my right knee likes to scream at me when I run on asphalt :-/ Which is my biggest concern, to tell you the truth, about this entire experience. The last thing I wanna do is screw up my knee by training too hard. Here's hoping the knee brace does it's job! And the frozen peas.

MY SCARS REMIND ME, THAT THE PAST IS REAL. So..remember that rash I had a few weeks back? *sigh* It left my upper arms with small scars :-( BIG, huge honking *sigh*. They're faint, but damnit....scars??? It can't be from me scratching because I rarely did. Does anyone have recs for any kind of cream or lotion that will reduce the appearance of these....THAT WORKS? I'm not a believer in creams fixing things (i.e. stretchmarks) but I'm thinking these are such little, baby scars that something may help out.....

FASHION FEVA'. Ann Taylor LOFT was sweet enough to send me $40 bucks in Style rewards. Yeah. It only took me spending HUNDREDS of dollars on my Mom's Ann Taylor LOFT Credit Card (which can be used at other stores. I don't think I'd ever spend hundreds at Ann Taylor LOFT. I never see a lot of stuff I particularly like.), but was well worth it. I bought these two items:

The cardigan, I bought to layer over my Balletomane top from Anthropologie- I LOVE the color combo of the dark purple of the cardigan with the light ash blue top. LOVE it!

Also, I FINALLY scored the Rodarte Lace dress from Target that I never even saw in stores. Nabbed it off ebay suckas! Happily, I actually REALLY love it. I never buy clothes from Target, because they're cut weird for my body- but this dress is GREAT! It's a teeny bit on the shprter side, but then again, I have long legs so everything LOOKS shorter than it actually is on me. I think I'll wear it to work anyway- As long as my hoo hoo isn't hanging out, we're ALL good.

I'm craving Chik-Fil-A. And I must listen to my stomach. Have a great night, pretty ladies (and gents? haha)


Anonymous said...

First I love the AT cardigan... so pretty! Also please let me know how the treadmill does. We are going to buy one at the end of summer and I want one that will last.

Blossom said...

You could try exfoliating your arms & see if it helps...use a scrub in the shower. Or you could use a peel (there is one I know of but the name is TOTALLY escaping me right now; you get it at the drugstore...I will come back when I remember!).

Veronika said...

i would try a skin lightening cream or something like bio oil. Ask your dermatologist which creams might be best :) good luck!

Sportsgirl said...

You might not need a special cream - it will probably go away on it's own. I know when I've had the same problem in the past (scar from rash) it has healed and faded over time.

Elizabeth said...

HAPPY EASTER! Hope you had a nice weekend!! :-)

Big Pissy said...

Love your new purchases! Cute! :)

I hope you like your treadmill. I've had 2 different ones and neither of them felt wide enough to run on. If that makes sense. Probably because (at the time) I was used to running outdoors.

Norwego said...

Try The Golden Salve, from Equinox Botanicals.

Dixiechick said...

Congrats on the treadmill! I hope you enjoy can give you a killer workout. I am I would love to have one at my house. Sometimes, it would make my life so much easier. By the way, love the clothes!

Brittany said...

Try scarguard. My doctor gave it to me when I had to have a mole cut out of me; it left a 3 inch scare since I had stitches and it's really lightened it. I mean it was recommended by the hospital so it's good stuff lol.

Good luck with all of your training!

A. said...

Try Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Skin Therapy Oil. I swear it is a miracle oil. I had an ugly, nasty raised scar on the back of my arm that had turned brown (extra pretty!) from the sun. The Dermo told me I would need to get it cored (WTF?!) out or just learn to live with it. I tried this oil and it really made it look so much better. Not 100%, but much lighter and smoother. I use this oil all over now! Also, try not to get sun on it, it will probably make it worse. Sorry for the ramble, hope it helps though!

Rachel said...

Hi, new follower! I found your blog from Blair's and I felt like I could relate. I have always felt like the chubby girl and am tired of it! I thought your blog could help inspire me! Love that JCrew dress too!

I LOVE your fashion choices as always! And I agree - people S.U.C.K. at R.S.V.P.!! I hate it! Congrats on the treadmill purchase - SO AWESOME!

MsHark said...

I wonder if neosporin would work or if its too late?
cocoa butter too! and I think retin A helps scars too.

I love the bracelet you bought! I need it!

steph (I'm a new follower, too!)

spiffy said...

I bought that cardigan this week AND I have the tank too, I love the idea of wearing them together!! thanks :)

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