Thursday, April 8, 2010

Treadmill is a success!

The treadmill I bought (ahem...MOTHER bought for me...) is fantastic! It's SUCH a great quality for the price ($999 on sale from $1,400- Did I mention that last post? YEAH...GREAT deal, suckas!) I ran at 5.5 and 6.0 (for a few seconds. BAHA!) and that thing was sturdy as one you'll find at your local sweaty gym. Score for the treadmill and I can't wait to start training on that bad boy.

The next few weekends I have lots of fun events to look forward to: Engagement party, bridal shower I (THE MOH) am throwing and a Bachelorette party spent in Columbia, SC at an awesome Dueling Piano bar. I love Piano Bars (think "Howl at The Moon" if you have one near you....)- so much fun and SUCH a different vibe than the usual bars and clubs. Have any of you been to "Crocodile Rocks" in Columbia?

Boring post. Off to bed for a fun-filled day at work tomorrow! G'night all.

I leave you with something random. Britney from her concert in ATL. *sigh* I love that hoe-bag.


MsHark said...

LOL I actually love Britney too. I went to two of her concerts when I was in high school, when she was at her PEAK! ha. I still love her & can't bear to see her as a trainwreck.

BTW I have a cutie chihuahua too!!


Oh, glad the treadmill worked out!!

Rachel said...

Yay, your own treadmill! I dream of having an elliptical at my house!

I've been debating about getting a treadmill myself! I just don't want to get one and then end up not using it. I do at the gym all the time. But boy, what a great deal you got! Go girl!

Oh and I love Britt too! =)

Laura said...

Nice post and blog...I love Britt!!! if you want visit my blog and bloglovin if you want follow me...

Olivea said...

That is a sweet deal! I love piano bars too! I went to one when I turned 24 a year or so ago, and we plan to head to one while we are in Vegas in a few weeks.

Love Britney too!

Sportsgirl said...

Enjoy the treadmill! If I had room I would love one.

Anonymous said...

sweet have fun with the tready!! you should probably name it :) haha

Brittany said...

Glad you're loving the treadmill :-)

Haha, hilarious that you called Britney a hoe-bag. I like her too though.

Have a fun weekend!

awesome deal on the treadmill. I'd love to buy one but I'm afraid I'd never use it. I find I actually DO like going to the gym and taking in the scenery :) while working out. And I just HAD to comment b/c of the Crocodile Rocks Piano Bar. My girlfriends and I used to go to Myrtle Beach every summer and we fell in love with Croc Rocks in Myrtle Beach. We were serious groupies and even went twice in one summer. The piano guys were so fun. Since then (that was about 10 yrs ago) we LOVE piano bars. Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

How awesome!! Good for you!!! Hope you have a nice weekend!!! :-)

Ashleigh said...

Hi. I love your blog! I just wanted to let you know that the Crocodile Rocks in Columbia is closed. :( It used to be in the Vista, but it closed several years ago. The one in Myrtle Beach is still open, I think. I LOVE piano bars, and my friends and I used to go to the one in Columbia all the time in college.

Ah this post makes me want to go to Chicago! [Piano Bars]. That's awesome that you have your own treadmill!

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