Friday, March 5, 2010

Please, officially meet Mr. Barky Von Schnauzer (aka: Bradykins)

Uh, yeah- so, I don't know how to spell Schnauzer and didn't feel like looking it up...but I just realized blogger spellchecks for ya. Hot damn!

Today's blog is dedicated to my son. My furry, fur ball of joy- Brady. You all need to be officially introduced, because he's the coolest.

Brady came to me (and my family) through a Soldier who was going off to Iraq. He has a little daughter and her mother wouldn't let her keep the Chihuahua. At the time I lived with my parents. It was a year after I graduated college and I was still trying to find my niche and jobby-job. They already had a rat terrier named Daisy, and being the dog people that we are- just couldn't say no to Brady.

He was named after Tom Brady- Not because any of our family loves Tom, but because me and Dad are Patriots fans (have been for years and years and years), and Brady was the easiest, shortest team member name.
He was tiny. So tiny in fact that we could barely see him scurrying across the floor beneath our feet. This led to a scare one evening, when my mom came in the front door and Brady was excited to see her- got under her feet and hurt his little skull. Poor thing. We were all scared- we immediately drove to the vet and learned he had a slight concussion, but would be just fine.

Brady sleeps in bed with me, and one night he slid between the wall and the bed. I could sense he wasn't beside me anymore and panicked for a second and scopped him out from his tiny alcove of terror!! He was still asleep....Yeah. LOL

When I moved 4 hours away, Brady came with me. he kept me company when I felt lonely and sad to be away from my friends and my family. He brought me joy when I'd see him at the top of the steps greeting me when I came home from work, and he'd lap up wine from my wine glass. Yeah, I admit it. So what? It was a tiny sip. hahaha

He came with me to DC, and lived in the city for awhile- Not a fan, Brady. He didn't really like not having grass and friendly neighbors.

We're both now settled in out first home together- Brady has his own little yard out back, fenced in, where he can play all day. He loves to sunbathe and bark at kitties (egged on by me..."Get 'em Brady. Get those bastards!"). He still uses pee pads when I'm away at work (good boy), but knows the real bathroom is outside.

He's stingy and wants all of the attention, especially when I get on the phone. He wakes me up with kisses and by standing on my shoulder staring down at me, wagging his tail- He wants his morning dog biscuit. Or his belly rubbed.

I don't know what I'd do without him. Brady is such great company and the sweetest little boy you'll ever meet....He's my baby boy. :-)


Veronika said...

OMG he is sooo cute! I love dogs :) i love the little sweaters you have for him!

Kelly said... What adorable pictures of little Brady! What a CUTIE! I really like his light colored fur too. Thanks for giving a proper introduction ;-)

Blossom said...

He sure is adorable!

Brittany said...

Brady, your mommy sure does love you! :-)

This was such a cute and sweet post! He's adorable!

Elizabeth said...

Well you sure know how I feel about Rosie, and I am sure that love for Brady is the same for you!! I dont know what I would do with out my little one! I am thinking about getting another little one soon...not sure, but want Rosie to have a friend.... Brady is sure lucky to have you! Your awesome!!

Mikaela said...

he's sooo adorable. what a cute little guy!!

Jennifer said...

Brady is super cute!! Dogs are the best roommates :)

Anonymous said...

He is too cute! Love his clothes LOL. And how hot are you in the Christmas picture--wowza!

Stacy said...

Precious! I think he and my furbaby should be boyfriend and girlfriend! Do I smell a doggy date?!

This post is so sweet! Ode to Brady Boy!! I love hearing about him - he's a little sweetie! Reuben and him MUST meet - I think they'd be besties!

Therese said...

OMG Brady is such a cute little fur baby!

Oh and Daisy is a great name for a pup :)

Victoria said...

I love him! He is so cute
Makes me think about my puppy and how close i am with him!

He is soo precious. Nothing like the love of a Chihuahua. I love my little girl so much. They really are a job, aren't they?

Mine also uses p pads when I'm at work.

And just a word of advice about your backyard, mine never goes out unsupervised b/c I've heard horror stories about big birds picking up little tiny dogs and carrying them away!!! One of my friends dog came in from the backyard one day w/ big scratches on her head and yelping! A bird had been after it. Wasn't sure if anyone had warned you about that :-)

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