Sunday, February 28, 2010

Ebay rots my mind

E-Bay Love. *sigh*

I hope this blog entry doesn't come across as bragging or anything- just thought I'd share my long-lasting obsession with e-bay with all of my ladies. I'd definitely say I shop on e-bay more than ANY other online store- because, well, you can get ANY and everything from there! Especially Anthropologie items that have gone out of stock. Love when I find a piece that I missed out on.

So, here's my recent purchases courtesy of the online superstore:

1. Dreamcatcher by Secret Garden CD- So...this was a verrryyy random purchase, but I just had to have this CD. I heard a song by them during the women's figure skating competition last week. I was in bed, drifitng to sleep, dreaming of treadmills and ellipticals, and heard this song from my TV (I sleep with my TV on, yes.). It was relaxing and calming, and I just knew I had to find out who played it. Well, it's by a group called Secret Garden. They're from another country. Look them up- listen to the song titled "Secret Garden". Tell me if it's not the most relaxing thing ever....

2. Bath & Body Works Caribbean Salsa Wallflower Refill- I love these wallflower refills from B&B Works. I haven't tried this scent, so I wanted to be adventerous and go for it! Sweet Pea is my FAVORITE!

3. LUSH Cosmetics Chox Away Soap- Gawd. Someone shoulda stopped me from buying this. Like I NEED another Lush soap. I can't even get through the ones i do have. Ah well.

4. Anthropologie Frills & Dollops Floral Blouse- Love the frilly collar!
5. Aspen Bay Capri Blue VOLCANO Candle - This can be smelled at Anthropologie locations all over the world! I've wanted this candle for years, and finally bought the damn thing. It smells like HEAVEN.

6. Anthropologie Twilit Skirt- I'm really hoping this looks as cute on me as it does on other Anthroholic bloggers. I love the metallic threading and ruffled pocket detailing.

7. Anthropologie Maeve Crashing Waves Dress- I kept seeing this dress on ebay. I don't remember when it was in stores, but I'm guessing two years ago. It's very cute, and even cuter on. Great deal I got! First photo courtesy of Roxy from her blog Effortless Anthropologie. Look at how Anthro styled it (second picture). I was sold after seeing that!

So, do any of you do any shopping on E-bay?

That's all. Hope this gives you ideas or makes you want to shop on E-bay. if you DO, don't forget to sign up for E-bates. You can make money while shopping! AND not just at E-bay- but at hundreds of other popular stores (read: J. Crew, Sephora, Forever, Anthro, etc. etc. etc.). If you shop online as much as I do, take advantage of this- you get a certain percentage of cash BACK to you when you spend money at online stores....oh, just go read and sign up. It's free.


Alicia said...

LOVE Ebay! And now I need that last dress! Thanks a lot! :)

Anonymous said...

Wow-you got some awesome stuff! I absolutely love EBay as your picks, those Capri candles smell soooo good. Love the blouse and dress also--good finds! I am now going to listen to Secret Garden and shop Ebay for some NWT bikinis for my daughter because the ones in stores now are fug ;)

prettyface said...

Alicia- GO FOR IT! haha They have tons of sizes in that dress everrywhere on ebay!

Andi- LOL I was cracking up at you. "Fug"

Elizabeth said...

You have wonderful TASTE my dear!! I love those candles, I have one and its great! Makes the room/house smell so awesome!!

I just bought tanning lotion on EBay the other day..haha! It's the best tanning bed lotion I have ever used and they quit selling it in when I saw it on EBay my heart started racing...haha!
I am in love with that frilly Anthro cute!

prettyface said...

Oh Blair- I love buying tanning lotion on ebay. Oh yes I do :)

Chrissy said...

I live on Ebay...I buy 70% of my stuff off there!

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