Friday, February 26, 2010

Workouts: What I did This Week & some Tats!

Kelly Brook

Amber Elizabeth- Oxygen magazine
I think if I could have any body, I'd choose one of the two above. Kelly or Amber. I love curves and thankfully I was born with natural ones, but they both, in my opinion, look fit, firm, yet sexy. Yup- I'd choose one of those. Isn't it weird, though, after you lose some weight, you finally get to see the natural shape your body is? Like, those hips that were hiding or gorgeous shoulders? It's awesome.

FINALLY after much disappointment and non-motivation- I found that motivation, and stuck to a pretty decent workout schedule last week. My goal for this week is to add more cardio days and for a longer duration of time if possible.

Workouts for the Week of Feb. 22-28

P90X Chest, Shoulders and Triceps (I was sore for days afterwards. Killed me. Can't wait to do it again!)

Tuesday: (morning) 45 minutes cardio on elliptical. Butt Blaster and Leg Press machines: reps until failure.

Wednesday: (morning) 45 minutes cardio on elliptical. (Evening) P90X Legs and Back (Didn't feel booty soreness until the next day. Ouch!)

Thursday: (evening) P90X Shoulders and Arms (easier workout out of all DVDs. Still a great strength workout)

Friday: (morning) 45 minutes cardio on elliptical/5 minutes of inclined walking on treadmill (random, yeah)

Saturday: NADA

Sunday: P90X Stretch. (After this tough week, I wanted it. AND my muscles needed it.)

I can't wait for it to be Monday so I can start my routine over again! That's weird to say, and I'm so glad I'm finally into a groove I enjoy. Even though it may be 4:30 AM cardio sessions- :-)

Here's my workout goals for THIS coming week:

Monday: Morning cardio and P90X Back and Biceps

Tuesday: Morning cardio and P90X Legs and Back

Wednesday: Morning cardio (seeing the trend?) and P90X Shoulders and Arms

Thursday: Morning cardio (this is the day I usually get worn out from the week's cardio. We'll see if I can push through it and actually get up this morning.) and P90X Ab Ripper
Friday: Morning cardio

Saturday: P90X Plymometrics OR Kenpo

Sunday: P90X Yoga

Right now my cardio sessions are 45 minutes in the morning (for time sake mostly), but I want to push myself up to an hour.

Moving on...I am by no means a tatted up lady- I have one tattoo and it's this: A lipstick kissy mark on my shoulder. I loved it then and love it now and seriously- it screams "JENNY!". (Please excuse my weird no-neck pose)

So, no, I'm not all about tattoos, but from an art perspective, some can be so beautiful. For instance, this one:

The intricacy and gorgeous roses and vines. I love it! If I didn't care about marking up half the side of my body, I'd totally get this!

I may not get that anytime soon, or ever, but I do want an owl. I collect owls and so does my Grandma. I really like this one on the wrist I found online, but more than likely I'll be getting the owl on my inner right ankle...
Here is what a tattoo artist rendered for me, from an image I found online- This is what I want eventually. An owl with headphones listening to music. TWO big FAVE things in my life: Music and owls, combined. LOVE!!! That blue shading would NOT be on the tattoo, and it'd be smaller to fit on my inner ankle/leg. It's hard to see the beautiful colors- but the music notes are PINK! HELLOOO! It also has big, blue eyes like yours truly.
Tattoos aren't for everyone, but I love small, girly ones. They're just so cute and really can show your personality and feminity if placed in the right places.

Hope you all have a wonderful week! If you're working out, workout hard and keep your spirits high! :-)


Anonymous said...

Wow, those ladies definitely have some amazing physiques! Yikes...Way to go on your hard work outs this week, you are inspiring!!

Blossom said...

When I reach under 200 lbs (ag!) my goal is to get a big tattoo on my back, similar to the side roses one you showed. I love the kiss mark; so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love the kiss tat! It is cute! Those look like killer workouts!

Veronika said...

i've always been afraid to get a tattoo because I know I would get tired of the image and i'm afraid it would stretch out or fade or otherwise not look good over time. My husband has two tattoos, but they are all black and small, so it doesn't bug me! I do think the pic of the girl with the tattoo up her entire body is very pretty...but it is way too much for me. It takes a lot of guts to have one that big! good for her :)

prettyface said...

Andi- Thanks honey! I appreciate the encouragement and support :-)

Mere: Thank you! I love that tattoo so much- it's just so cute to me. I'm glad I still love it so much :-)

Veronika: I knowww what you mean. The reason I got my tattoo on my shoulder is because that area isn't likely to do much stretching and/or growing. I don't think..NO, I KNOW I wouldn't ever get a tattoo on my stomach, hips, thighs, low back, etc., because of possible stretching. Eeek!!

Brittany said...

Kelly Brook's body is ridiculous. Like perfect. Just the right amount of curves, she looks like a real woman. I'm jealous. You had an awesome workout this week! Keep it up :-) And good for you for doing early AM cardio! Your tattoo is adorable! Love it. I really want one but everytime I tell people what I want, they think it's ridiculous lol.. I want snuggles paw print either on the inside of my wrist or right by my neck on the back. She's my baby. Am I werid for wanting that? lol

Olivea said...

Congrats on a great week of workouts! Whenever I do a leg workout I never feel it until the next day or so.

I love tattoos, and yours is gorgeous. I have three little ones and still love them 5 years later.

I wish I could make myself workout in the mornings - I am just not a morning person! But way to go!! You are inspiring for sure!! Keep up the good work!!! =)

Elizabeth said...

Awesome workout plan, my dear!! Keep it up!! :-) You Rock!!

Kelly said...

GOOD job with the workouts and even bigger GOOD luck for this week!

LOVE your tattoo :-) I can't see myself ever having the courage to get a tattoo (hate big decisions) and I'd worry that I'd hate it later on. However, whenever I watch the show LAInk I soooo want one! Have you seen that show? LOVE it!

Have a great Monday!

Girl... an opinion is an opinion! you are allowed to have it!
Good luck with your workouts this week! mine sucked last week so I'm hoping tomorrow I'm back in action!

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