Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Did you hear???

I've been a horrible blogger- but I've been so, so SO tired since last Thursday. I think it's some medicine I'm on. I'm just dead tired at the end of the day and my usual morning workouts were ceased until just this morning. I have lost another inch from my waist and 3 pounds. Since last Thursday! VERY strange, but makes me extremely motivated. I can see my bicep muscle coming out again. Oh, how I love that muscle.

In wedding news: I ordered THIS invitation for my best friend's Bridal Shower, TWICE, from two different internet stores, and it's out of stock from the actual company who produces them. oh, how I loved these. I loved the bright colors and kitchy feel.

My questions is: why won't they take them off the website if they're out of stock? Ugh!
Anyway- we're going with these instead (IF they're IN STOCK!). She still wanted the Couples theme on the invitation, and we can still use the same general colors for the shower decor.
My butt has been bitten so hard by the wedding bug the past few weeks- what with a wedding to go to NEXT weekend and all my Maid of Honor duties for Amanda- I've been dreaming of my own wedding. Can someone please find me a hilarious, smart, charming, witty man to marry? Other than that- I'm ready.

I am in LOVE with these two dresses from Demetrios. They're pretty much what I dream of wearing on my big day. Especially the first: a little lace,a little shine, strapless sweetheart neckline. *sigh*. I'm sure this dress won't be around when my time comes....

Also by the same designer, LOOK at THIS dress: In all actuality- THIS is my dream dress, but I couldn't find it online anywhere ;-)

Hope everyone of you have a fabulous Wednesday- it's rainy here. Makes my mood very BLAH. I need some cheer!


Those dresses are GORGEOUS!!!!

Those dresses are really pretty.

Congrats on your weight loss/inch loss! That's so exciting--and motivating.

How annoying about the invites. Could be a glitch on the site, but still.

Big Pissy said...

Those dresses are GORGEOUS!!!!

Congrats on the weight loss/inch loss~awesome! :)

Dixiechick said...

Delurking here to say, from one Southern Belle to another, congrats on the weight loss! Keep it up, you are doing awesome. Love the dresses.

Olivea said...

Congrats on your weight loss this week! I have been so lazy this week that I am terrified to actually get on the scale.

Both of those dresses are beautiful. My idea of a dream dress changed drastically by the time I got engaged.

Therese said...

3 pounds since Thursday??? That is killer babe!

Oh and my dress was by Demetrios. Lurved it. If you decide to get married anytime soon I will sell it to you lol. Its just hanging in my closet right now...I can't figure out what to do with it!

Brittany said...

The dresses are absolutely gorgeous! Great taste :-)

Good job on the weight loss!

oh, I love those dresses. especially the second one. I also had a strapless dress for my wedding...

prettyface said...

Thanks guys for all the encouragement (as always) on the weight loss! I'm trudging along slowly but surely :-)

I LOVE the first invitation. I would be so dissapointed too about them being out of stock. I am also planning a shower for a friend and yesterday I spent like an hour in the invitation store! I guess I have the wedding bug too b/c right after that my roommate and I went to dinner and talked weddings the whole time. LOVE the dresses. Yeah, I just need that perfect man too! LOL Actually the guy I call my "Mr. Big" would do-if he'd just get his $#*& together!!!

Yes it's been so rainy and blah up in here - grrr Those dresses are SO pretty - love the second one and I think a sweetheart neckline is adorable! Those invites are adorable! We did all couples showers - LOVE THEM!!!

Katie ♥ said...

Girl I missed you!!! Was so glad to get a comment from you!! I bookmarked your blog now!!! So I can be in touch more!!!!

I love the wedding dresses you love!!! I am getting married nexy year in June, and I bought my dress a couple months ago!! Its a mermaid style one, strapless, sequins, its really pretty!!! I got it early, but I feel in love , I knew what kind of dress I wanted like 10 years ago, lol!!

And you WILL meet prince charming one day, took me a while to, it happened when I wasnt searching! Love u girl!!!!


Elizabeth said...

Invitations!! how fun!!

Hello! I just came across your blog and absolutely love it! Those invitations are fabulous!

Jen said...

Those dresses are just gorgeous!!

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