Monday, March 15, 2010

No title- Just read me

Man, what a day. The work day FLEW by, but mostly because I had to brief the base commander on my job's social media plan. I work for the government and love my job, but I was thrown into this briefing sort of last moment. I did get through it, though- an so glad it's over with.

Moving on...tomorrow is Anthropologie Sale day. Same old story here, ladies. Still no tax refund for I'm crossing my fingers none of the items I've had in my wish list go on sale tomorrow. As badly as I want them to- I don't want them to sell out. BLAH. BOO YOU IRS!!! Send me my damn money.

Had an awesome weekend filled with friends' birthdays. For the record: I must be a natural attraction for Pisces- Karinah's birthday was the 4th, my mother was born on the 9th...My friends Jamie and April share March 14, Marion and Saracat-today, Becky-Saturday, Jason-the 27th. It's madness I tell you.

Ashley's wedding is Saturday and I'm still not fitting into the special dress I wanted to fit into :( Sad day, but I know one of these days it'll zip all the way up and I can proudly share with you the before and after pictures! Look for photos of the dress I am wearing later this week!

Is anyone else addicted to YouTube make-up tutorials? I have been for about a year and a half now- and I'm looking through my Favorited YouTube videos for a eye-look for the weekend...I'll post that look and video later as well. I'm so excited to get made-up. It's been awhile.

My life has been so uneventful for the past couple weeks- thanks for hanging in there, ladies, still reading my boring blog material.

I leave you all with a picture of cupcakes, because, frankly, I'm craving them something FIERCE!!! LOL


Veronika said...

I am so addicted to youtube makeup and hair tutorials :) I watch them daily (the ones I subscribe to)

pearls said...

oh man those cupcakes look sooo good.... I might have to stare at your blog just so I don't go get one...

Elizabeth said...

Sounds like you had a fun weekend with the girls!!! Oh those cupcakes look so yummy!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Oh, and love your goals on the sidebar!! You can do it!!

Sportsgirl said...

Loooove the cupcake photo!!

Therese said...

It's weird I never crave cupcakes per say, but actual cake OH BOY!

Resist the urge girl lol.

Glad you had a fun weekend. I need a cupcake!!

Come over and enter my giveaway!!!


Brittany said...

SOunds like you have been super busy with all of the birthdays! Can't wait to see what dress you'll be wearing. The cupcakes look so yummy.

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