Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I got yo crazy, I got yo crazy....

Womanizer, womanizer, womanizer!!!

Britney, girl, your song dances through my head this morning like raindrops on a light, fluffy cloud. I've had Gaga's newest, "Telephone" stuck in my head like you wouldn't BELIEVE. During work, at home, during meetings.... Granted I have been listening to it about 15 times on the way to work and back home lately ;-) What can I say? I love The Ga.

Luckily Anthro's sale didn't contain much of anything I've been eyeballing except The Fairy Cake Dress by Floreat:

This dress isn't everyone's style, but I am a sucker for vintage girly dresses and sweetheart-ish necklines. It's half price, now down to $80. I pray that it's there in my size come Friday- which, by the way, is when IRS. gov predicts my tax refund will be in my account. Can I get an Amen??! :-)

Friends....The J. Crew Mow Monde Dress is now on SALE as well! I'm still torn between two colors...HELP- Thoughts? Suggestions? I know y'all have an opinion and I need help deciding you fashionistas, you! Is everyone still thinking the Mint Green? Or the beautiful Tropical Blue?

This J. Crew Lorelie Dress is on sale for $78. I think I'll be purchasing. I love grey- it's so chic.

Next up- Summer Sandals still on my wish-list:

Although you can't tell-these have the cutest ruffle looking design on the heel. $60 from

LOVE these straps- which really spice up a typical, boring flat sandal. $70 from
(Yes, aware this is not a sandal. hee hee) I love chunky, wedge-like heels. They have such character! The price is the SALE price. Faryl Robin's shoes are always so damn expensive. Geez $126 from

It's a rainy, dreary day here in lower Alabama- makes me want to nap. I'm hungry. That is all.

:-) Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Natalie said...

I like the fairy cake dress too- its adorable, just didn't fit me right- you should totally get it- you'll wear it all summer! and the second pair of sandals you posted from endless have been sitting in my shopping cart for weeks- love them, soo cute!

Olivea said...

I would go with the Monde dress in the mint.

Love that you love Britney! I listen to her greatest hits album all.the.time. It is a little obnoxious, but it gets me amped for the day!

Brittany said...

Lovee the teal dress! So pretty! And the fairy cake dress is just adorable.

I love the fairy dress! If I were thinner I would totally wear it. But the turquoise is my absolute favorite! You have great taste!

Anonymous said...

you and your britney spears haha...i wish i had your fashion need to help me shop one of these days!! i still wear brown and black together even though i know i'm not supposed to hahah

Elizabeth said...

It's spring time, that means DRESSES!!! It's almost FRIDAY!!! yay!! I am happy about that!! :-) Enjoy your weekend!!

Copyboy said...

My wife is more of the female clothes wearer in my family, but still a great informative post.

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