Sunday, January 10, 2010

Need your expert fashion opinions ;-)

Outfit advice needed ladies!!

What do you all think of this dress for a beachy-type wedding in Florida, in March? The bride's wedding scheme is tangerine and yellow- her bridesmaids dresses are the orange color, so I wouldn't resemble them. Does this "go" for a beachy wedding? It's not actually ON the beach....What shoes do I wear? That black sash kinda throws me off- what goes with that? I have ideas, but I'm curious to know what you'd pick. ;-) (Go all out and tell me- jewelry, shoes, accesories, etc.)

Anthropologie's (of course) Longing-For-Yellow Dress

Keep in mind I have dark brunette hair and blue eyes- tanned- which one would look GREAT on my coloring? The more I look- the more the mint green looks so fabulous....BUT does it look too bridemaids-ish? I seriously need you guys to vote on this one- I am CONFLICTED!!


oooohhhhhh i LOVE the mint green one and i think it will look fabulous on you!! You could wear a strappy heel but if you are on grass you may want to look for a cute flat of some type! Good luck!!

Brittney said...

I LOVE those J.Crew dresses and I as well have been obsessed with them.

Elizabeth said...

I love the Anthropologie's Yellow Dress. It is super cute and I think this it would be great with your hair color!!!! Let us know what you decide on!!! :-)

I love all of them!! If you pick the yellow, I would do a black strappy sandal. The mint green I would do a bronzey or gold shoe! Whatever you pick will look fab!
Let me know what you decide!

Olivea said...

I love the mint jcrew dress! I agree with the previous commenter, a bronze or gold show would be fantastic!

ae said...

I LOVE the yellow dress and I think it would be perfect for a beach wedding. Shoes? Maybe some black strappy sandals.

Go for the green one!! I love the yellow one too, but hesitate on the sash! Why isn't it more neutral? Dang!

Natalie said...

I LOVE that anthro dress- and it is really pretty on; it would be great for a wedding.

my second choice for your coloring is that mint green- its a pretty dress too- and honestly may get more wear than the yellow one (at least it would for me)

the other color kind of bores me. but with the right accessories could look great.

Blossom said...

Yes I like the yellow!! I think with cute flats & bag, you'll be rockin'! And I think the sash is great. As for the other two...both are nice muted colours. It's hard to choose...

Andrea said...

I like the yellow but really am throw by the sash too, the mint is super cute, reminds me of a fancy sarong!

mrs.mfc said...

I really like both of the dresses but I am totally drawn to that mint one!!! I love it, and I think with your hair that would look great!!

I too am thrown by that sash! You could do black shoes with it but then you are straying from the whole beachy theme. The mint is really pretty, too and I'm thinking you have more options with it.

Meredith said...

I love the yellow but I have a handicap towards dresses with straps. I have big boobs so I always need to wear a good bra and strapless doesn't do it for me. I like all of them but the yellow one caught my eye.

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