Sunday, January 10, 2010

Lush Crush: All-natural Face Masks

Hey!- don't think I forgot about my determination to use up my drawer of Lush beauty products. As promised, here's the latest installment of my Lush beauty product crush: The Face Masks!

Maybe one of my favorite items Lush sells are their face masks. They're made with fresh, natural ingredients to help with pesky skin issues. These masks are SO fresh in fact, that they cannot be bought on Lush's online store. Sad, yes. Especially for me, seeing as how the closest Lush is in Hotlanta.

You keep them in your fridge, right next to the cottage cheese and yogurt (that's where mine lives. baha), and toss them when the expiration date says. Well, I haven't. I still have quite a bit left. Granted they aren't SO old, but a little past the recommended throw-away date. Sue me. They still do me wonders. Without further ado- here is my take on the three face masks I own:

Oatifix- I bought this one because of the delicious scent it has! It smells JUST like bananas. The girls in the store I bought from said they even ate a little bit because it smelled so good- LOL! So what did I do? I tasted some. It's fine guys- it's all-natural, except the talc?!? It didn't taste amazing, but it wasn't gag-me horrible. ANYWAY- this is supposed to be for sensitive skin and moisturizes dry skin. I like it OK- the texture is kinda crumbly and like all of these masks, is a bit of a pain to rinse off- Sometimes I'm left with some of the product in my hairline.

Ayesha- Ayesha was my first ever mask purchase. It's for aging skin- I have a complex apprently. I think it does a great job os tightening and making your face look smooth and sweet :-) It says use before a big night out...Yup, I could see that! My face always looks nice and glowy after using this one. It's crumbly like the Oatifix, too- and has a weird texture- kinda like seaweed- and in fact, there's seaweed in the crap! Go me. It smells kinda mentholy to me- which I kinda dig :-)

Cupcake- MY personal, absolute fave!! O-M-G. The name lends a hint as to the smell of this mask. It smells like PURE chocolate. *sigh* I love it so much. I have typically oily skin on my chin and forehead, and semi-larger pores on my cheeks- THIS is a miracle. If you have oily-ish skin (or even if you DON'T!)- RUN, do not walk- and buy this product. Smells A+, ingredients tighten my pores, zaps that oil- creamy texture. I made my Dad jokingly use it, just so I could giggle at his brown face, but after he rinsed it away- His skin looked so good! My Mom was all touching it and saying," Ohh wow. It's so smooth and nice." BAHA!

Here I am donning Ayesha. Could I....BE any hotter? Just wasn't a cupcake night :-( Cupcake nights are usually the week before my "monthly visit" (which is another reason to grab some Cupcake- those pesky pre-period zits or whatever)

Next Lush Crush: Shower Jellies


Blossom said...

You look so cute! You make me want to run to my Lush store (in the mall near me, I know I'm lucky! haha) and get some masks!

Elizabeth said...

What a great post!! I love the picture of you with the MASK cute! I will say that when you find a product that works well on your face, you gotta stick with it because there are so many products out there, that dont "really" work!!

mrs.mfc said...

Oh my gosh I want some!! But I don't have a store near me :( I have never tried ANY Lush product but I have always wanted to. Do you have a recommendation for a great first time purchase that CAN be purchased online and shipped?

ae said...

I got hooked on Lush when I lived in Chicago. Sadly, Atlanta is 4 hours away from me now. So I have to order online.

prettyface said...

Mrs. MFC- Here are some things I personally would repurchase again and again from Lush:

* Shower Jellies: I love them! I love the texture and the way they make my skin softer than their soaps usually do. Review comign next on these.

* Buffy Bar: This thing is awesome. I did a review here.

* Bath Bombs: So much fun to use- They turn your bath water into a silky, fun spa! lol. Any of them are awesome- Vanilla fountain is awfully relaxing.

* Aqua Marina (has real seaweed!!) or Dark Angels skin cleanser: LOVE these! Not sure how picky your skin is. Mine isn't very sensitive or picky- and I HEART THESE! Reviews on these in the near future as well.

mrs.mfc said...

Ohhhh thank you so much for the suggestions!!! I'm going to go browse their website now! :) Have a great evening!!

Pink Julep said...

oh my goodness - another blogger who loves LUSH! I love them and all of their products that I've used so far! I've never tried their masks though so I'll have to pick some up when I'm in Ireland for Easter!

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