Sunday, January 24, 2010

I want this week to end already

I'm so down in the dumps already- and Monday isn't even OVER.

The small ray of sunshine in my day? I've lost another half inch on my waist. Which is GREAT! But, why am i not losing it in other places? This pisses me off.

Anyway- do we like any of the below heels?

I hope I didn't make you cringe- what with all the peachiness and all. I have NO idea what drew me to these shoes, but I like the color for Spring. it's just....different. Do you see that color all the time? Nope. Number one's BIG ass corsage looking thing reminds me of Louboutin's Dillian Flower Pumps- and I've been obsessed ever since my girl Britney wore thme in "If U Seek Amy" video. *swoon* These are definitely shoes you'd wear with a simple black dress. Nothing over the top and loud- they say enough themselves.

Short post tonight dolls- I'm behind tonight and didn't get to my P90X Kenpo workout, even. Blasphemy! Work is going to be crazy this week- and I hate not being able to set my workout schedule in advance. It's that damn organizational freak in me- I used to think I loved spontenaeity, but if I'm being honest with myself -I despise it. I need structure.

Hope everyone had a fabulous Monday and an even better week ahead :-)


Brittany said...

Those shoes are very different :) But you're right, with a simple LBD, they would be perfect! Hope your week gets better, even though it's only Monday :)

Olivea said...

Love the shoes! I have been loving the flower details since that video too!

Blossom said...

I LOVE the first peach ones, and the red ones. So hot!!

I loveeeee the CL Dillian heels! I was thinking about getting them for a while just to admire them as pure art because I have very flat feet and CANNOT survive even 1 minute in heels!

I love the first ones! What a fun way to jazz up a LBD. You are going to look amazing!

prettyface said...

I think I'll have to purchase the first Luchiney heels then! :-) Thanks ladies.

Elizabeth said...

I want Friday to be here too! Those shoes are super cute!!!

Disguise said...

LOVE the shoes!

Ps- Visit my blog sometime!

Hey, I got your message - its :)

I really love the shoes! WOW!
Hope your week got better.

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