Friday, January 22, 2010

Dear P90X: I forgot how much you hurt my A** muscles

Hello lovely readers!

I must start out with my workout from yesterday afternoon-Instead of traveling to the gym I dusted off my P90X DVDs and did Plyometrics. Lemme tell ya- I'm sorry I ever doubted the DVDs before (not sure why I did). I, of course, couldn't get through all the moves, was breathing, bent over, hands on hips, but you know what? I FINISHED, and did about 90% of the moves. My knee was bothering me on some fo the higher impact moves, but got through it with modifications.

That junk is tougher, and broke me into a sweat better than ANY cardio equiptment at the gym. LOVED it! It will definitely be a weekly thing from here on out- and P90X will be incorporated into my gym workouts, as well.

Today is Friday and I like today to be my OFF day. It just doesn't feel like the start of the weekend if I workout this day- it's all mental.

Yesterday it really hit me, I need to start working out HARD. Like a Ninja.

I tried on a Bill Levkoff bridesmaids dress at the store. Yeah. I was NOT happy. BUT, I totally understand all dresses are not cut equally- which baffles me by the way. Why can't they all just do a standard cut and fit? What's the point in making all brand different. Dumb. So, anyway- I tried on a 14. A 14! That sucker had about THIS MUCH gap around my back. The woman told me based on my chest measurements I need a 22. BAHA! What? Look, I get what the size chart says, but I also have to consider these points in my determination of what size I get:

* The dress is an empire waist. The waist and hip region on a size 22 will SWALLOW my bottom half WHOLE. No way.

* The wedding is in June. That’s 5 months away. I guarantee my back/chest will shrink in that amount of time. I'm smart- "Last hired, first fired". The last area you gain weight will be the first place that you lose it- and my chest has gotten bigger only in the past few months.

* An 18 should work for me with Bill. I have a feeling it'll still need taken in. *sigh*

Does anyone use a heart rate monitor or calorie burned thingy? I need one- I want to know what I'm burning- ACCURATELY! Suggestions?

I'm craving wine. Should I partake or skip because of the diet? Oh, I just don't know.

That's all that's on my mind for today- Hope you all have a fun, safe Friday evening!


Jams said...

Having a glass of wine won't break you! Just remember that a serving is 4 oz or something like that. ;)

And I have a HRM. I have the Polar F4, but I don't workout at the gym. Some say that if others around you are wearing a monitor, the F4 can experience interference. I have friends that have the F6 for the gym.

Check out:

Good deals, and usually pretty fast shipping (for free). I love my HRM!

Natalie said...

I think having a glass of wine is totally fine! if you don't indulge at all while your dieting you'll go nuts.

Gwen said...

You can totally have a glass of wine just not a bottle. LOL!!! You'll have to splurge a little from time to time to keep your body guessing. Good luck girl!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

would a beginner to strength training like me, not be able to handle the P90X? I was looking for something to really work (kick my butt) .. but i wasnt sure if it was really worth the investment?

prettyface said...

Gwen: *pouting* BUT I WANT THE BOTTLE (haha!)

Julie: I think that if you're just starting out P90X would be FINE. It's tough, but you can modify, modify, modify. You have to start SOMEWHERE. I think if anything it could be frustrating with some of the DVDs. it was even for me and I strength train often. For example: The Biceps and back- I can't do pullups for ANYTHING- so i don't feel like I get a good workout with that one...I think if you stuck with it, you'd really get good use from it :-)

Elizabeth said...

I think you deserve a glass of vine, from what I can tell you are working so hard my lady! Keep it up. Tonight, my Saturday night, I am sitting here catching up on blogs and also having a glass of wine!! Oh how what a great night it is!!! Hope your weekend is going well! :-)

DEA said...

Okay, so I have been eyeing P90x for forever, and it's finally something that doesn't look like a gimmick. You have to share more on how it is, but by the sound of it, sounds like it kicked your butt and that is a good thing!!
Glad I found your blog, we share a love for Anthro.


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