Monday, January 4, 2010

F YOU SCALE! You too tape measure!

I'm apologizing to all of you right meow (haha). This blog may as well have been written by Negative Nancy herself- I'm pissed. Depressed and disappointed in myself. For those of you who've been following me for awhile- you KNOW how good I was doing in the gym- how fit I was earlier this year and the end of last year- always working out, eating right. THEN- I moved to DC- and got so busy I never worked out right- and I ate out all the time to socialize with my new colleagues and friends- and now I'm paying that horrid decision. No I don't regret all the fun times spent chatting over great food and wine, but I'm still pissed.

I went to the gym tonight- first time in a few months. I have no good news. Unfortunately, I weigh the heaviest I've ever weighed. EVER (great!) and my measurements SUCKED (perfect). And today I was so great on eating- PERFECT! Nice, clean meals- and then this hit me- Probably because I wasn't expecting those numbers. I was WAY underestimating. It doesn't help that the other women and girls walking around the gym are looking awesome...I kept thinking "HEY! I used to look that good. Now look at me. Stupid out of control lard!" lol ;-)

No, I won't let this beat me up- and I hate writing about it- but I had to get it off my chest, how sad I am :-( Boo. The good thing is, this makes me want to push harder and get my ass into great shape again.


Otherwise- Hope everyone had a great Monday.

I received those cutesy grey heels from ALDO in the mail today- and lemme say- They are precious!! Also The Sidestep Skirt came! Not sure what the obsession with greys and blues are for me right now, but the bug has bitten me for sure.
The Bachelor is on - so I gotta run! :-) Until later!


fuel your upset nature towards workouts and harness that energy! great time of the year to make yourself kick yourself in the @$$ at the gym and have a come to jesus with food- and when it comes to indulging- I find it easier to know what I actually get satisfaction from- since I know I really like cake- if I'm at a happy hour and there are like wings or other icky bar food, I don't eat it, b/c I know I don't like it.

and this is the silliest thing ever- but thinking "food is not my friend" honestly helps me time to time to back away when I'm not hungry/it's not healthy.

and check out the kimberly snyder website I have linked- she's new agey and freaky deaky, but I find her inspirational and a great source of knowledge.

onward and upward my 5'10 sister :)



Frugalista said...

Well, now is a perfect time to "start fresh" as they say and get back into shape. Those Aldo shoe's are way cute. I LOVE the bachelor but it was such a time commitment last year. 2 hours every Monday!! I don't know if I can do it again. We'll see how long I hold out....

Veronika said...

i'm watching the Bachelor right now :) It's a guilty pleasure of mine for sure!

I feel you girly!!! After the last two weeks of holiday food and running around, and then the fact that i'm getting the pd this weekend, I won't even get on a scale right now!!!

Oh well like you said, it makes you work harder!! that's how I am too!! Good luck chicky!!! I just started weight watchers right before Christmas... smart move, I know! lol

C in VA said...

Haha did you just make a Super Troopers reference (meow)?!
You will totally get back to the work outs!

Anonymous said...

I think those scales at the gym are tampered with... ;)

Speaking of "The Bachelor," I can't believe how many bimbos are on that show. He might not find a wifey, but he'll definitely find a STD and some fake boobies!

Amen and ditto to my sweet Queen Bee!

Also, I know you look GORGEOUS in your new threads and kicks!

elledee said...

Those shoes remind me of a cuter version of these Marc by Marc Jacobs heels:

too cute!

I feel the same way, but put that frustration into the gym! You can do it! And super cute shoes :)

Anonymous said...

in my opinion..many times when we fall harder than we've ever fallen, we will get back up better than we've ever been. You have the opportunity to get back into your habits and make changes, so try not to be bummed about it(pot calling the kettle black here...). Let me know if you ever need anything!!

We all get off track! It's sooo easy. I just met a guy and we've gone out a few times...guess what that means? I come home from work and go out to eat insted of doing like I used to do and going to the gym then eating a small meal at home. I know it sucks, but don't beat yourself up too much. You are going to make up for it!

I counsel people in weight loss and I can tell you the stories I've heard through frustration. There are a ton of success stories out there and you sound determined to be one. This is a great time in your life to be thinking about it and it sounds like you were making so many awesome changes - DO NOT let a few set backs (especially around the holidays)take away your motivation. Good luck in the new year!

Meredith said...

I vote that you kick ass this month and in February get on that scale and shock the hell out of it!

prettyface said...

Meredith- You made me laugh out loud. Thank you babe! I definitely will do JUST that :)

Lizzio- I love you- thanks for sticking around and listen to me whine all the time. You're definitely my inspiration on here. Much love.

C in VA- LOL YUP! Super Troopers reference there! I usually make lots of Tommy Boy references as well, so stay tuned. ;-)

Every single one of you lovely ladies- YOU are the reason I push and try so hard. Thank you for the comments- they are taken straight to the heart.

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