Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Damask is LOVE! House photos...

I'm so excited to write this blog- I think my blogging fever has finally returned. You faithful followers know I've been lax about updates for the past, oh, 6 months! I was living in DC, doing the internship thing, and now that I'm (somewhat) settled into my NEW, fabulous, cute first home, I want to get back into blogging on a regular basis. No it won't be everyday, but definitely more often. Here's an update blog once again to catch you all up:

1- New Home:
First and foremost, I wanted to share photos of the new home with you all! I'm still decorating and getting everything in it's rightful spots (I'm such a neat freak)- but I'm happy enough with the progress to post photos. This is my first house and I think it's prefect for me and the dog:

Front- 3 bed, 2.5 bath Garden Home

Close #1- Dresses and suits are in another. Yikes.

Messy ass dresser! Stuff on the floor goes on a vanity that hasn't been shipped yet. :(

Living Room- complete with dog.

Kitchen- need a HUGE rug instead of those two tiny ones.

I'm in love with my bedroom. Can't wait till the finishing touches are added.

What can I say? Red is sexy! Nice Charlie Brown tree aye?

I LOVE the color I chose for my bed and bath. It looks blue but it's a light grey. That and black damask print mesh sooo well together.

Toilet/Shower "room". Why there's a door and so tiny, I'll never know.

I need MAJOR advice on this room. I know I want to paint it a lighter tan color (brings out a tan on the bedspread print and it's neutral), but I have no clue how to decorate...HELP!

The official housewarming party is set for after the holidays, Jan 16th- so who's coming?! I'm so excited to have all my friends (most of them) in one place. My house isn't huge, and I've invited so many people already-we can all squeeze in tight and love each other. No photos of the other bedroom or other bathrooms because they aren't up to "post on blog" standards juuust yet.

2- Gym/Workouts:
Such a sore subject. I'm not in a good place with my fitness right now. I'm VERY dissapointed in myself for letting myself gain weight and get out of shape. When I was in DC living off of per diem money, I ate good. ALL. THE. TIME. Top that off with not working out regularly and you get weight gain. My clothes don't fit and I don't feel good about myself. Being honest- no pity party here. I did however join a gym here finally! It's an all women's gym. Never really thought I'd care to join one, but I'm just more comfortable and push myself harder when I'm not working out in front of dudes. Sad, but true. Maybe this is a mistake seeing as how I need to meet a great guy and the gym may be my only hope around here! BAHAH!

3- New Job
Not "new" new, but new place. Still doing Public Affairs. I've been working here now for about a month and a half and enjoy it. The people, work, etc. Things have been kind of slow, but will pick up soon, so ask me later how I feel about it all. lol. Just kidding.

4- My Best Friend's WEDDING
I'm not getting married, sadly...anytime soon, but my best friend since 8th grade, whom I've kNOWN since Kindergarten IS! Amanda is marrying John June 5th of next year and she asked me to be her maid of honor. I LOVE wedding junk- the planning, picking colors, picking bridesmaids, and so on- so I was excited and overwhelmed with tears when she asked me! Here are the oh-so-flattering bridesmaids dresses:

I love her so much- I just can't believe she's actually getting married. We were just in 9th grade in high school, watching Britney Spears videos and walking around our small town like bums. I miss those days- but so happy we're still in each others lives...

I cannot wait to start connecting with you all again- come back to me blogging buddies, come back! Some of you know I got into a funk a few months ago- so many things were changing and happening to me, and I couldn't get control. Nothing major. Life just happened, but I have so many ideas and new things I want to start doing with the blog. It'll still be mainly to keep me on track with my diet and exercise, but I want to add Glitz and Glam! I want to share my love for makeup, body products, clothing and everything in between. I've gotten so into makeup guru's on YouTube and have tried so many new looks with different colors this past year and a half. I want to share my finds and make it a regular post topic. I'm not shallow- As Gwen would say, I'm just a girl!

You ladies have a wonderful what's left of this Wednesday evening!

Our Christmas Card photo. My face looks fat! Eek.


Melissa said...

The house is pretty! Congrats girl! Looks like we have similar decorating taste. My living room and kitchen is gold and red. I also decorated my spare bedroom similar to your bedroom. It's black and white and so s the bathroom!

Anonymous said...

your house is adorable!!! glad you're back :)

we all get in ruts, you aren't alone. I'm working on picking myself out of one as well!

you look fab and the new place and your new life are going to be so fun to catch up on again!

amazing awaits!


Your face does NOT look fat - you're beautiful!! I love the house - I also love your ideas (big rug, darker paint color, etc.) - it's awesome- many congratulations!! WELCOME BACK - you've been missed!! P.S. So glad you and pupper are reunited - yay!!!

Big Pissy said...

Of course I agree with Kel's comment! :)

I've missed you!!!

Glad you're back! Yay!!!!!

Love your new home!!! congrats!!

Tasha said...

You look BEAUTIFUL! =)
Thanks for visiting my blog! You should continue blogging - it's wonderful!

Christina said...

your place is sooo cute. love your bedroom esspecially your comforter!!!

Thanks! I must ask where did you get your damask bedspread/comforter/duvet? I have black furniture, and that would go perfectly=)

Love your house! And your face DOES NOT look look amazing!!! :)

Anonymous said...

ahhhhh Im in love girl! It is all so pretty! XOXO

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