Sunday, August 23, 2009

Soaked to the bone and loving it

I had a fantastic weekend!  Friday, I got to see my favorite and most entertaining band eva, Better Than Ezra, although the night didn't quite go as planned.  I always get to their concerts early so I can be in the front row--that is the only way to see them in my opinion.  Stood there with m fellow BTE fans for a good 2 hours, praying that was wrong and that the predicted thunderstorms were from a false reading! LOL..........So, naturally after all that hoping and praying I did, right after the sucky warm-up act left the stage, the bottom dropped out. Me and several others stayed PUT, and got drenched.  I had brought a rain jacket of sorts, but couldn't get it on fast enough--I was SOAKED, but man it was fun :-)  

Then, as if that wasn't whack enough, BTE decided they were moving their show inside a tiny ass bar beside the stage outside....uhm. No.  I wasn't thrilled, and they only played an 8 song acoustic set.  And there were drunk hoebags pushing through the crowd to get to the bathroom.  How did we end up in the area where the bathroom line was formed?  Overall, though....GREAT time. They're playing today at another outdoor venue, and I'm thinking of driving the 1.5 hours to hopefully catch a FULL show.  :-)  I just saw them at the 9:30 club in DC, you would think I'd get enough.  Never. :)

I broke down and bought P90X.  I was always the one who said I could just go to the gym and get the sam results by doing my weight routine, but since I'm so busy these days and have formed the habit of only doing 20 minutes of weights, I decided to try it out.  I got it off ebay for $50 bucks used.  I found a downloadable routine schedule online and already know what I need to eat.  I'll let you guys know how this journey goes.  Excited for something new besides treadmills and ellipticals.

Drowned Rats- I'm on the left in my red get-up. ha!


Cute pic, girlie! I was gonna say... you just saw them, right?! Jealous - yet again!! "drunk hoebags" hehe Hope the next concert stays dry - you're such a fan!!

L.A said...

I never heard that band from my country...
is it fabulous?

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