Tuesday, August 18, 2009

House hunting woes

I just got home from work and as I got off the elevator I started feeling shaky and dizzy. Weird.  Let's run down what I've eaten today:

1.  4 pieces of turkey bacon between Arnold sandwich thin bread
2.  Tilapia and broccoli
3.  Salmon sealed packet

That was it until I got home and decided I just didn't eat enough today (obvious by the shaky hands.) and ate a boca burger between another Arnold sandwich bun..... My diet is so whack these days.  I feel like I just can't get in my meals every 3 hours like I used to.  

Among other things, I've been house hunting.  I'm moving in November to my permanent place  (for a few years anyway) and I've decided I wanted to be a first-time home buyer!  I submitted my loan pre-approval application so we'll see what I can get...but the big thing is, I have no money for a down payment.  The loan lady told me with an FH loan I would only have to put down 3.5%.....but I don't HAVE $4,000 to do that. Ugh.  It's not fair.  Does anyone know of any first-time home buyers programs that would help in this area?? 

I'm skipping my workout because of this shakiness/dizziness.  And I was so looking forward to kicking my own ass in the gym today! 


Just Me said...

SO glad you are back!!! And congrats on deciding to become a first time home owner. I wish I had suggestions for you, but im a millionth time apartment renter for now! :)

hey hey

go you on even thinking about buying a home- you amaze me!

PS- also go you on knowing when to bench yourself in terms of a workout- while great for our bods, if we're not feeling okay enough to workout, it'll only keep us worn out longer

here's to being a grown up (in my eyes!)



That's so exciting!!! I honestly have no idea - I'll as my friend at work - I believe she found something here in GA that worked for her so maybe there's something similar there!!

I've forgotten to eat enough and gotten the skakes before....bad feeling! Remember to eat something!! Sometimes we just have to be bad and eat something BIG LOL.

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