Sunday, August 16, 2009

Someone needs to be hired to KICK my ass

Hello blogging ladies!!  It feels good to be writing again--I've missed the "journaling",  it seemed to always help from feeling overwhelmed, and I'm feeling overwhelmed at the moment.  

Just to refresh some of you on what I've been up to: Some of you may know I'm in D.C. right now, until November working at The Pentagon for my job--it's great.  The city anyway.  The Pentagon drives me nuts with it's stark white walls and it's crabby, non-smiling people, but the experience I'm getting is so worth it, that I'm sucking it up :-)  I'm trying to live in up in the city, trying different places to eat (not good for my waistline, which I will discuss in a minute)  and looking for awesome bars and pubs to hang out in!  So far I've succeeded.

Where I have NOT succeeded is in my WEIGHT.  I'm very unhappy. Very.  I'm not sure if it's just all of the moving around I've done that I can't seem to get a schedule down, or if I'm just destined to be overweight for life. HA! Kidding.  But it's frustrating.  I have no idea how much I've gained since I left my comfort zone in Alabama, but I can tell in my face and clothes.  The average person would cal me crazy and state that I look the same....but I feel gross. It's to the point where when I go out with the two other girls I'm interning with, that I start to feel insecure and "sorry for myself"!! WHA??!! That is not JENNY. At ALL.  And something needs to be done....

I don't like beating myself up about it, nor do I like giving excuses as to why I can't get my ass in gear, but I feel discouraged....still.

One of my favorite bloggers wrote a post on failure, and how failing is good at times, because it just shows your motivation to accomplish something.  I think maybe I should take her advice.....

Yesterday, I had a great workout, however!  I'm not in shape to run large amounts anymore, as I did three months ago, but I did run, and it felt great--I did the elliptical as well.  No weight work, save a few leg machine moves.

Go me.

I'm thinking of going to see "The Time Traveler's Wife" this afternoon sometime, by myself.  I kinda just want some me time.

True Blood is now one of my favorite shows, and I cannot believe it took me so long to get into it...maybe because I never had HBO.  I still don't have HBO, but I've found back episodes online to catch up :-)  Stephen Moyer=hottest vampire, HANDS. DOWN.

So, here I am again, back in cyber space land, and hopefully will have more time to keep up with you extraordinary ladies :-)

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Nerd Girl said...

glad your back!! just try taking some small steps to get back into healthier eating and exercise. it will definitely make you feel better and won't overwhelm you. little steps create big differences. and i time is VERY important!!

I'm so glad you're back too! I'm with Nerd Girl - small steps for sure. I'm so glad you had a great workout back but so hate that you feel gross - I know what you mean. It's like only you would know but you can't help how you feel. I hope you went to the movie and loved it!! Boo on crabby pentagon peeps. :(

hey sweetheart, glad you're back and life gets busy and sometimes unfortunately working out as much as we'd like just doesn't fit into our lives. glad that you're getting workouts in even if they're not as intense as you'd like- something is better than nothing.

how neat to be at the pentagon- you are getting in such great experience.

chin up, and own it!


Big Pissy said...

Glad you're back! I've missed you. :)

I know exactly what you mean about feeling "gross". :( But you've already taken a step in the right direction by starting your workouts. So YAY!!!

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