Saturday, May 16, 2009

Someone needs to find a cure for a broken heart

It's a long story that I won't even tell, but things are changing so much in my life right now.  *sigh*  My heart is broken...

Good news:  I just got back from the gym and drank my protein shake.  Now I need motivation to go out and do something tonight.  I just don't want to.  I'd rather stay in and sulk.  Sue me.  Sometimes I need a good sulk.  Besides, if I go out I know I'll just drink my beer and after one too many, I'll get even more upset.  Some of you know what I mean :) LOL.

I'm off for now--just wanted to update a little.  I'm hoping to drop 10 pounds by June 20th--I'm flying home for a friend's wedding.  Sweet Home Alabama. :)


Nerd Girl said...

:-/ hope everythings okay...if you ever want to vent you can always e-mail me :-) feel better chica!

this too shall pass. you're only young once- slap on a great dress and go out and be the lovely heartbreaker that you are! PS, buy "make every man want you" by marie forleo- just read it and it's hands down the best booster I've read ever in terms of self-esteem and being great and attracting good guys into your life!

thinking sparkly thoughts for you


Hope everything is ok!!!

Pink Julep said...

Sorry to hear you're having a hard time... you should try to treat yourself to a few little things - even if it's just a $5 manicure at the mall... that sometimes cheers me up! Keep us posted and your chin up! xo

Melissa said...

I wish there were a real cure for a broken heart. It's such a hard thing to deal with! I hope you are ok! Wishing you well!!

At a moment like the (when there's no use in sulking or crying but you feel like you want to forever) my friends and I like to say.... GET IT GIIIIIIIRL!

Although it hurts now, doing the things you love will help most!Anything, go shopping(a little) go to the movies, Go out, give your number out, check out some guys, get them to buy you drinks, have tons of fun doing whatever you please :-) Get. it. Girl

I'm not weird, I promise

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