Thursday, May 21, 2009

Mich Ultra.....How ya been, friend?

Yes, I'm having a beer. Well, beer number 2 now.  Ahhh....We have a 4 day weekend (lucky us.  I guess they felt bad for us for all the work that gets dropped on us in 8 weeks.  Not likely....).  Have I yet mentioned I miss home...and my friend and family...and people who actually don't grind my nerves?  Well, there.  I mentioned it. :-)

I miss the South.  I just do.  No certain reason.  Except that it's hotter HERE than back home in southeast bama right now.  WEIRD.

I bought my ticket home for another long weekend we have in June.  My friend's wedding is the weekend of June 19th and lucky us, again, we have Friday off, which means more time home for this chick!

It's not bad here in Maryland at all...just miss the people who know me best.  No one like those people ya know?

This weekend is DC with old school friends :-) Cannot wait!!
Our class is having a BBQ by the lake here on base--I contemplated not going, and hitting the gym, but I've decided to go.  I think.  I'm pretty wishy washy nowadays.

I hit the gym 6 out of the last 10 days....apparently not enough to even lose half a freakin' pound.  I gained 2 since last week when I started--and my diet was GREAT!  GREAT I tell you.  Ah well.

I need a good shopping trip.  Payday was today and I immediately bought my plane ticket, paid bills....and bought 3 pairs of shoes. LOL!!

Hi bloggers....I'm back :-)


thank you for the update on how you're doing- you've been in my thoughts and prayers and nice to know that you get to have a looooong weekend and got your paycheck and took care of your $$ stuff!

happy mem day weekend!


Big Pissy said...

Happy to read this update.

You sound better. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

Reese said...

Ugh I would kill to go shopping...groceries or that new bathing suit I've had my eye on!

Arg my belly usually wins out ;)

Brittney said...

Good job on the shoes! =) What are you doing in DC? Are you just there for the summer, or long term?

I left you an award on my blog:)

BuckInyc said...

Hey lady! Having fun at DINFOS yet? Let me know if you need some help!?!

Just Me said...

Im not going to lie.. seeing the insides of people's fridges who are actively working on nutrition and fitness interests me, so I tag you.!! Check out the correlating post


Welcome back!!! Can't wait for more updates!

:( sweetheart I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers and sending magic sparklies your way, the book will seriously empower you- there is so much "no duh" stuff in there that will re-ignite your belief in yourself that you are amazing already.



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