Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Give that lady some water!!

I made it to the gym on base this morning!  I really like Fort Meade--it's near Baltimore and where I will be the next two months.

The gym is great--lots of equipment, but I chose the entirely wrong room to do cardio in. I about DIED.  First of all I forgot my water which I cannot workout WITHOUT.  No way  Second--the cardio room is stuffy, and there are fans but none of them wee aimed at where I was. UGH! They do have a crap load of machines lined up around the basketball court area, so I think I'll stick to cardio there.

I feel better than I have in a week or so.  Thank you endorphins.  I miss home still, but luckily I brought photos and candles (Big Pissy you're right about that stuff making this place a home!) from home.  

Classes don't start until Thursday so us three interns have today and tomorrow to do whatever.  I think today will be mall time--even though we're all broke. LOL.  Gladly the army pays for our food everyday!!!

Hope you all are having a fabulous Tuesday! I leave you with a photo of Ashley, Courtney and I out Saturday for Court's birthday. :)


I'm so glad you're feeling better and more at home! And good for you for hitting the gym but yes "stuffy" is not how I like it when I'm going to sweat. Ew! Is there good shopping around there??! Have fun!! Can't wait to hear hwo your first day goes - fun!

Nerd Girl said...

im glad your settling in and feeling better....no water during cardio is the WORST feeling..(well actually for me i HAVE to have gum in my mouth haha) good thing there is another place for you to do cardio.

have fun shopping :-)

Big Pissy said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better and more at home too! Yea! I'm also really happy to see that you have a couple of other girls interning that you can hang out with. That's great! :)

I'm glad you are getting settled in! I wish you would send some motivation my way, I am in desperate need for it! LOL

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