Monday, April 13, 2009

Where, oh where has Jenny been?

Hey ladies! Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been at home with two sick grandparents. My grandad is looking better to me, and hopefully has more fulfilling years with us. I pray he does. My other grandmother was put in the hospital last Tuesday with heart issues and blood in her stool (eat fiber my friends! I got made fun of so much for eating fiber tablets, but my colon is healthy!! haha), but is stable and they have her on so much medication--sending her home. I don't know if I like that just yet, but I'm no doctor, I guess. :-/

Today will be a few last minute errands, a carpet cleaning and some MUCH needed relaxation. I have bags under my eyes like you wouldn't believe! LOL. Busy weekend at home. Busy and stressful, but seeing my friends and family was fantastic.

Again, sorry for being MIA. I feel way out of the loop with all of y'alls blogs.


Ruggy13 said...

I hope your grandparents get better!!

I hope you Grandparents feel better!

*Irene* said...

That's good your grandad is doing better. I will pray for them.

good to hear from you! hope your grandparents get better!!

Hope your grandparents get better :)

Krissa said...

You know what is weird? I just looked at all your pics and I think you look your best now. :) You have a pretty face of course but I think you have the total package. And so TALL!!! I am jealous :)

I like how you are going about this in a very healthy way. You will reach your goal before you know it!

I hope your g-parents are better, girl!

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