Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do NOT take workout/food advice from me for awhile...

Why? I've been living off of bad for you stuff from a can. *sigh* LOL. I'm OK with it, though. This big move has me so busy I can't make my 7,405 meals for the day! :-) I've been enjoying this especially:

(Hee hee)

Nothing new on the move exciting news. Lots of tears already. I'm going to miss a few people so much, especially my parents, grandparents and a boy.

On the shopping front....I've had tons of extra money since I haven't had to pay full rent this month. So, naturally I shopped. A few things I picked up:

Ann Taylor Dress

MAC Creme de Nude lipstick

MAC Flirt 'N Tease blush

That's not all, but It takes too long to load the pictures and, well, I'm hungry :-) I promise once things slow down in my life I'll be consistent with my workouts and diet and blog so much you're sick of me. Take care!


Lynn M G said...

I love the lipstick color! I've been looking for a pretty nude lipstick for awhile, do you like it? In response to your bikini question, I have no idea what the brand is =/ I should have taken note, I saw it in Sports Illustrated this year when the bathing suit edition came out.

that dress is SUPER cute!!

Anonymous said...

Love the Ann Taylor dress!

shopping is ALWAYS the right choice :)

and no worries on the food- I am sure that you are still pretty good about the nutrition content- at least it's not like the item out of a can you're eating is frosting... wouldn't that be fun! keepin on kickin' fanny lady!


Becky said...

ooh the shopping looks like fun! I just found your blog- love it!

I love that Ann Taylor dress. So pretty and summery! It would look great with some fun colored shoes.

Miss K

Anonymous said...

Omgosh I loooovvvvvvvveeeee Mac make up

hahaha I lived off pizza during my move! LOVE that dress - so so pretty!

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