Tuesday, April 21, 2009

All I wanna do is........and take your money

I'm in the middle of Slumdog Millionaire at home and already I'm very interested. It's held my attention and I'm not dissapointed. :-)

Just a quick update for you ladies: Yesterday was Monday. The day before that was Sunday. The day before THAT was Saturday. Saturday was my moving out day. It wasn’t too bad in hindsight. It was just me and Mom moving me out, since Dad decided to stay home. Chump. Haha. There were a few nasty words from my mouth, and hers, but mostly mine. I just chalk it up to stress. LOL.

I’m now in limbo, staying with a girl from work. Sleeping on an air mattress. My back is yelling at me, but only 4 more nights. Cannot wait to be home for a week.

I worked out yesterday—first time in about a week and a half and my body knew it. I ran/walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill and then stretched out my upper back and neck. Much needed. I think I’ll do that for the rest of this week. I carry all of my stress in that area. Do you guys as well? Where do y’all carry stress?

A question I have is HOW in the hell does one spend $100 at Target?? LOL! I didn’t even buy that much food. Maybe it was the cute outfit I found. Oops. My shopping addiction is outrageous….

Happy Tuesday!


Nerd Girl said...

i spent $80 at CVS one time...that is when you know you have a problem...80 bux on absolutely NOTHING hahah

i always spend way too much at target, you cant help it if everything is just so cute and awesome. and seriously you dont know how long all that awesome stuff is going to be around. seize the day! :)

way to go on getting back into the groove- little by little you'll be back up to speed and I'm thinking speedy thoughts for you so your sleeping on air matress days end quickly!


Target is so addicting!! I could spend hundreds if I didn't pay attention. I for sure carry stress in back and shoulders..it stinks! Hope your transition goes smoothly!

blog-love shout-out over on my pag elovely :)


Target is dangerous! I can easily do that! I carry stress in my neck and temples- MASSIVE headaches but I know they're stress - boo. And big boo on the air mattress!! :( It will be over before you know it - but i'm sure limbo sucks!

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