Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tattoo Thursday. Am I crazy??

Nahh...People get tats everyday, and now I'm adding myself to that population of people.  I've wanted one for only a few years, and nothing tribal or "stupid", just something small and girly.  I finally found something I wanted.  It's this:

I think it's soooo adorable.  I wanted to use my own lipstick print, but it just looked too messy for my perfectionist taste.  :-)  Time of excitement is 7:15 central time, so think of me.  I'm hiring a friend to take photos for on the lookout for those.

How's everyone's week?  Only two more work/school days for most of y'all.  I'm headed home Saturday for an entire week!  My last HURAH here will be a Korean BBQ courtesy of my friend Sara. :-)

I've worked out twice this week which is total SHITTY for me, but I'm happy and feel tons better.  Once everything settles down and I have no more BBQ's or going-away events to attend I'll be back on it full force.  Can't wait!!


Ruggy13 said...

good luck with the tattoo!

oooh good luck!! I hear you - i've only gone twice thsi week too. :( Things will settle down!!

Big Pissy said...

Good luck with the tattoo! :)

Anonymous said...

love the tattoo! can't wait to see pics!

am I allowed to ask- where is it going?!

it'll all settle down soon enough and you'll get to get back in the groove- at least you didn't stop totally. something is better than nothing and every day/week isn't going to be a "I lost weight" period of time- part of healthful weight loss does involve a period of time where you just maintain and let your bod get used to the new weight. I've got faith in you :)


Anonymous said...

Cute idea! Where are you going to put it?

i have six tattoos & i love this one! my husband has my lips tattoo'd on him. very great idea:)

Can't wait until you post pics of the new tat!

how fun!! can't wait to see how it turns out!!

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