Friday, March 20, 2009

Yes, I shopped....

....but I found this cute dress at ROSS for $15! After examining this photo my hips look a little big :-( and I don't even have big hips. I still like it though--so for now I'll keep it!


Nerd Girl said...

i thnk its adorable!! it makes me want to go to the beach haha

Anonymous said...

ummm..what hips? Girl you are rocking that dress! It soo cute:) Boston does not have

No friend, your hips DO NOT look big! l ove it - can't believe you only spent $15 - congrats!!

Jamie said...

I think the dress is cute and your hips don't look big. I think its just the way the dress fits. %15? That's a steal!

big hips, no way! you look sexy! va-va-voom!

Trish said...

very cute! :-) I like the color.

Erin said...

Love it! Matches your eyes!!!

Anonymous said...

Super cute!

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