Friday, March 20, 2009

Freaky Friday!! WHOOP!

Man, am I glad it's Friday like never before. Has this week drug by to anyone else? Geez O Pete's! hehehe

Should be a great weekend, but I have a feeling it's going to F~L~Y by. My friend Marion will be here for the night to hang out, drink wine and commentate CSI reruns. Yes, we do that. It's hilarious. We like to make fun of Nick's hair when he grew it out all shaggy and dumb. LOL Know what I'm talking about? Maybe not. :-)

When I first started blogging I mentioned how I am SO jealous of you all who have access to Body Pump classes - - and guess what my friends? FINALLY I'm going to one! My trainer at work, Christy, just became certified and she's teaching the class on Saturdays at 10:00! I can come two times for free, and hopefully more, but if not, it's only $5 per class. I won't go every Saturday, obviously, because I pretty much do the same stuff on my own as in the class (Christy gave me a sneak peek at work! IT'S just a bit faster paced, but basically the same moves I do now for strength training.), but I love class settings and feeding off other people's energy! Do any of you take Body Pump classes of any kind?

I wanted to share a picture of my favorite body part to workout. I have always liked my legs and when i feel slumpy or pissed off about my training I look at them and see the hard work I've done to get them how they are. See picture below.

I haven't taken photos of anything I've eaten because I just can't do it all the time, AND....I've been bad. :-/ Shame Shame Jenny. Not too bad, mind you, but not super clean and it's a waste to show you guys food I don't even prepare myself. Saturday should be a day of healthy food pictures, so stay tuned next week!

It's 40 degrees here and it's supposed to be "the first day of Spring"? Really mother nature? At least it's not snowing as it is for our friends in the north east. Yikes. It's strange because I've always been a cold weather lover since it gets so humid and hot here in the south, and still am to a degree, but lately I've wanted nothing but spring weather! I want to wear cute, bright dresses and sandals NOW!

On that note, I'm out. Everyone have a great weekend if I don't post before then (I'm sure I will though after the Body Pump class!!!).


Nerd Girl said...

ive done body pump and it really builds up your endurance for weight lifting!! its an awesome class for sure!

Erin said...

I did Body Pump out on Colorado and loved it! It's faster paced but works everything. My arms got really toned from the dead lifts!!!

It's snowing here in NJ:-( I want sundresses too!!!!

your my workout idol! i wish i could do it lol. i'm so lazy. you look great though! :) have a good weekend. ♥

Anonymous said...

I did body pump for about 6 months, and just recently stopped going around January. I love Body pump. The only down side is your body at first will be shocked and u will see some change but then your body get's used to the exercises! I didn't see any results after about the 3rd month. They actually stopped offering Body Pump at our gym for this reason. Nobody was getting results from the class. Each class was different but basically the same concept if that makes since. I love it like I said, and strongly encourage u to do it, but just make sure u are varying up your exercise in between. U go girl!

Heather said...

OMG! I watch reruns of CSI and what was Nick thinking with that hair?!?! HAHA! Great legs btw :) Thats the one body part I hate about me :( I never wear shorts or shorts or short dresses because of it. I mainy wear capri's or jeans. Even in the dead summer. UGH!

Brittney said...

I am blogging later about my Body Pump experience last night....

Thanks for the comment! L-O-V-E your chihuahua, he's precious!

My chihuahua gets a lot of face time on my blog...aren't they just the best?

I can't believe I just found your blog! Its AWESOME! And so are you. Nice legs by the way!
Im glad you share my love for Bebe! hehe Now I want to go back and get the flower beige shirt!!!

Eve said...

I've done Body Pump a few times - and loved it! It's such a great workout if you're looking for a change and to mix it up a bit :-)


I've done it a couple times too and really liked it! I've thought about doing it twice a week instead of my usual ST (to mix it up) but have yet to commit. The class is ALWAYS packed!! I can't wait for spring either - it's my least favorite season (i'm allergic to it) but i'd rather be in spring then this limbo/rando hot/cold BS that has been the last two months - UGH! Hope you're having a great weekend!!

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