Thursday, March 19, 2009

What I'm listening to.....and a summer dress :-)

Like most gym rats, I could NOT live without my ipod. Sometimes I do go without, when I just want quiet time with my thoughts, but MOST days I need that adrenaline from music. If I haven't mentioned before, I LOVE music. It's my passion.

I thought I would share what's on my ipod. I have a "Workout" playlist and then a "Running Interval" playlist for that new running plan I have posted to the right sidebar. A lot of the songs are pop because those, in my opinion, just rev me up the most. :-) I'm a rock girl through and through, but sometimes rock doesn't provide the tempo I crave.

Side Note: I have 4,195 songs on my ipod. I've almost reached the limit. EEK. may need another soon.

Running Interval Playlist:
When I grow Up - PCD
Bang Bang - Knaan Ft. Adam Levine
Sunday Morning - No Doubt
Disturbia - Rhianna
Womanizer - Britney :-)
I Don't care - Fall Out Boy
Fighter - Christina Aguilera
Untouched - Veronica's
Survivor - Destiny's Child
Little of Your Time - Maroon 5
Feeling Myself - Dolla
Light On - David Cook

This comes out to almost exactly 45 minutes. I tried to pick songs that went with each speed I'd be running. Works pretty well.

Workout Playlist:
Hook me Up - The Veronica's
Man In The Box - Alice in Chains
Promiscuous Girl - Nelly Furtado
Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliott
Kill The Lights - Britney Spears
Kiss Kiss - Chris Brown
Do it Well - Jennifer Lopez
It takes Two - Bad Rob
Sexyback - 32 Mix CD
Freakshow - Britney Spears
Break The Ice (Rock) - Britney Spears
Love In This Club - Usher
Hot As ice - Britney Spears
Autobiography - Ashlee Simpson
Starstruck - Lady Gaga
This Ain't a Scene... - Fall Out Boy
Ooh La La La - Danity Kane
Lithium - Nirvana (32 mix)
The pretender - Foo Fighters
Right Round - Flo Rida
Low - Flo Rida
Hot N Cold Remix - Katy Perry
Irreplaceable - Beyonce
Stay Fly - 32 Mix
Whine Up Remix - Kat Deluna
Crash - Gwen Stefani
Breath - Breaking Benjamin
Just Dance Remix - Lady Gaga

I got sick of typing. LOL. I have about 88 songs on that playlist.

Anyone have any suggestions for really upbeat workout songs? Do tell :-)

In other Jenny fashion news, I found this CUTE jersey dress at Anthropologie (LOVEEEEEEEE)! The photo online doesn't do it justice, so I snapped a picture of the top with me in it. Yes, it looks as though I'm feeling myself up, but I assure you, I just wanted to see what it'd look like if I had a bra on. LOL!

The orange color looked so good with my tan. It is now on my list...


Love Love Love the dress and the color on you!!
Keep up the good work and keep informing us of what you are eating!! I am going back to re-read your blog and get some of your fabulous recipes!!

Anonymous said...

love the black eye peas, salt-n-pepa, offspring, garbage, and beastie boys. They really get me pumped up:) I am going to have to check out that song by adam levine and knann. That dress is awesome, and it does look pretty on you! Gah, I need to tan!

melissa said...

GREAT playlists! I am loving hook me up and popular by the veronicas right now!

Big Pissy said...

That is a gorgeous dress~love the color! :)

Gotta have music! I listen to old school R & B and funk....i.e. Earth Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder, etc. Plus new long as it gets me moving. ;-)

Nerd Girl said...

download misery business by paramore for your intervals! i run sprints at the chorus it rocks!

Suggestions: My fav workout tunes!
Fragma Tocas - Miracle
Kim Leoni - Medicine
Karl Wolf - Africa
Flo-Rida - Right Round

:) Enjoy!

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