Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Flowery dresses make me happy

I've decided a set goal is what I need to keep my ass on track.

So, here's a small term goal I've decided to set for myself. I've become kinda bored with my cardio routines lately and need to spice it up some. Lately I've incorporated the stairmachine, which I want to keep because I can notice a difference in my booty already. Running has slacked off a bit because of my bum right knee that always wants to ache and pain. Stupid thing. hehehe. I don't want to give up running though.....

My first goal is to run this Running Interval with no stops/walks. I can run, but not straight through. I think the most I've ever ran without stopping was 1 mile. This is mostly because of my knee pain, but when I wear my knee brace it's much better. So here's the interval:

4 mph - 4 minutes
5.5 mph - 6 minutes
5 mph - 5 minutes
6 mph - 5 minutes
5.5 mph - 1 minute
7 mph - 1 minute
5 mph - 1 minute
6 mph - 1 minute
4 mph - 5 minutes
6 mph - 6 minutes
5 mph - 5 minutes
4 mph - 5 minutes
TOTAL: 45 minutes

The part that scares me is that 6, 4, 6 sequence towards the end. EEK!! Who knows? I may be able to complete this in two weeks if I'm consistent.

Watching Biggest Loser tonight made me want pizza. LOL isn't it supposed to makie me want to workout more? Snicker....Oh, sure it does, but those temptation of pizza always make my mouth water. HAHA!!

Look, on a another note, a dress I bought off Ebay for about 25 bucks came today! It's GAP and it looks so cute for summer! I need to lose some belly inches, but otherwise I'm happy with the purchase :-) LOL--I look at knobby kneed in the photo!! Makes me giggle...alright anyway, just had a moment....

Speaking of curvy (I guess I didn't exactly mention it, but looking at my picture I actually kinda like the way I look...surprising..), Sara Ramirez from "Grey's Anatomy" is absolutely gorgeous. I've had several people tell me I resemble her, which I take as a HUGE compliment. Look at her.

This all leads to a show I caught on VH1's newest reality show. I can't remember the name, but it involves a group of women who are single and can't understand why they don't have a significant other--and this dude who's their "coach", gets honest answers from guys (or rather jackasses) about the women. One loser said something about a curvy woman, who was thinner than myself even, and said that it looked as if someone took her and squashed her down, because her hips were too big. WHAT?? Are you joking? That's bullshit...and if a man doesn't want me because of my HIP size he can just bite me. haha Kinda ticked me off. If I was a guy I'd be all over curvyness! I don't get it.....

Brady is barking at his shadow I guess, because he won't shut his yap! I open the door to the balcony to give him fresh air, but he always sees the damndest things. Silly dog.

My next food creation will be creamed cauliflower as a substitute for a veggie I usually eat. Low carb and calories of course.

Happy Tuesday!


I love that dress, so cute! And curves are fabbb!

Jamie said...

Really cute dress. I am also bored with my cardio. That interval looks cool. Let me know how it goes. I should also try the stairmaster... my booty is my problem area!
Too funny... you do resemble her. That IS a gorgeous pic. People have been telling me since I was 16 years old that I look "just like Katherine Heigl" Cracks me up.

you inspire me!! I am a big girl and I have just started working out and trying to eat right and I feel so much better!! I read your blog everyday and get inspired by what you have to say!!! You are a beautiful person and should be very proud of yourself!!!

love the dress- a total steal :) PS- am so going to do your workout tmrw for my run- sounds like a major kick in the rear!


SLJ said...

I think we all get bored with cardio! I have some workouts posted on my blog that you are welcome to steal to change things up, I know I have dont that in the past! Very cute dress!

Angela said...

I definitely think intervals are the way to go. Im definitely a short-term goal person when Im working out, so when I think about just having a short run before going back to a brisk walk, it makes me run with more intensity. Good luck with your new workout!

Yeah girl, I just want them out of my closet cause they don't fit me. They were shipped to me by accident so I'm selling for 99 cents. They are size 7. =)

Big Pissy said...

You are one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. Seriously. And I have high standards. LOL

Curves are AWESOME and I truly believe that most men (the smart ones, anyway) love them.

As for the cardio...I love classes. Zumba, cardio sclupt, pilates....and I do love to walk. I've always been afraid of using the stairmachine b/c I've been told it builds your butt and my butt is already the size of a small building. :(

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