Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm back on my game!

After my lunch workout I felt SO much better. I drank my protein shake, which I CRAVE most days and just finished eating my wheat germ breadedm baked tilapia, broccoli and brown rice. I'm in love! My fish was getting blah-bland to me, so I had to spice it up!

Instead of pan grilling it, I tossed the filets in some egg whites, coated with Wheat Germ and baked on a baking sheet for 10 minutes at 400 degrees, flipped and baked for another 10. I wanted them crispy-like. Worked well. All that protein makes me smile. LOL.
Usually I would workout after work as well, but Monday and Tuesday's are usually just once a day workouts for the simple fact that Monday's make me wanna race home as soon as possible and Tuesdays are my big TV nights.
Thank you, thank you for all of the encouraging words these last few days. It's tough to keep going when it seems nothing is changing, but it does help to have support. So thank you very much. I can feel this week will be a successful one.
Lots of pictures coming soon! I bought some of the items on my posty about "MUST HAVE'S FOR SPRING" and they should be arriving soon!


Nerd Girl said...

hey lady!! i don't know the exact reasoning for it but yeah, i don't really eat much dairy because it doesn't fall into my eating plan. i pretty much just eat chicken, egg whites, protein powder, oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes, veggies, and some fruit. thats about it haha. except again TODAY i was an idiot and eating random shit. I think its because of stupid TOM but i just feel so blah today that i didn't care to just cave into my cravings. Oh wellll hehe. Glad to see your back on track! now i need to pull my head out of my ass!

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog- I just love it- you have such great ideas- food, make-up- etc.. Keep up the good work-

I live AL also-:)

~ Kelly~

that sounds soooooo good- how do the calories end up (protein/fiber/fat/carbs) w/ the tilapia w/ the wheat-germ?

PS- finally found vitamuffins at Lunds- will have a moment for you when I have my first one tonight :)


prettyface said...

QUEENBEE - The nutritional values for one piece of tilapia with the wheat germ comes out to this:

Calories: About 170 (there are only 50 in one serving of the wheat germ and honestly I don't think it took one serving to cover the fish!)
Protein: 24g

I'm glad you had such a good Monday! I hear you - I think I may start making Mondays one-a-days too - it's just too hard to go back after work!! Keep up your positive attitude!! And that fish sounds great!! I've never had wheat germ (to my knowledge)!

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