Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday is BLAH!!!!!!!!! (haha)

My apologies for being MIA from the blogging world for a few days! As you all know from my previous post I had a bad experience with Old Navy’s mirrors and my diet/exercise lately. I’ve hit a HUGE plateau and can’t seem to get over it, and I’m usually patient and accepting of it, but damnit, sometimes I just can’t take it anymore. I said “screw it” this weekend and had a nice time with my parents, who came up for a visit. Their last one before I move up North. Not the last time I’ll see them before then, but they won’t be coming up here, except to move me out.

Overall it was a quiet weekend, but we did hit up a few stores and even my dad didn’t seem to mind the mall so much. HAHA….men. Saturday had a very indulging breakfast at IHOP and ate a fabulous filet mignon at Connor’s Steakhouse. It was amazing and of course the cocktails were good as well. I had a glass of Pinot and an appletini, and then me and my mom came home and finished off the bottle of wine in the fridge. We love our wine.

I’ve had a case of the Monday’s this morning. What else is new? I used to enjoy Monday’s, but now I just dread them. 15 minutes until my lunchtime workout. I won’t lie and say I can’t wait to get back in the gym today after not going at all this weekend, but I’d be lying. I’d rather take a nap. Tonight I’ll sit down and write out this week’s workout schedule and stick to it. No changing and scribbling out. I just won’t allow that.

To counteract this boring post, I’ve included some pictures from the weekend. The people in the photo are obviously me and my parents. :-)


Jamie said...

Really cute pics!
Aww you are in a slump! you will be ok. Even tho a workout is probably what you want to do LEAST today... you will probably feel 100 times better when its done and behind you!

Nerd Girl said...

aww your parents are adorable!! love the pics!! its monday and you can start fresh..i think everyone had a hiccup this weekend after reading through some blogs so don't worry about it...we will alll jump back on the horse together!

SLJ said...

Your parents are so cute! We all have those kinds of weeks but the important thing is just to bounce back! Good luck and stay motivated!

*Irene* said...

Beautiful family! Your parents look so young. Hope you are doing better.

awww I so loved these pictures! Your family is adorable!! I'm sorry you're in a funky place but since I'm reading backwards like a loser I know you're already feeling better - yay!

Big Pissy said...

Your parents are both VERY attractive! Now we know where you get your gorgeous looks! :)

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