Thursday, March 12, 2009

I need a swift kick in the ass.

Long story short: Went to Old Navy, tried on clothes, and either A.) the mirrors in the dressing rooms at Old navy are distorted or B.) I'm FAT. Gross. I felt absolutely GROSS looking at myself unclothed. This is sad. It truly makes me sad I'd think this way about myself.

Driving home I was thinking how far I've come with body issues. I used to cry almost every Friday night (after drinking of course. HA. Come on it was college) about how ugly and fat I was. I've moved past that, for the most part, but my God, it does sneak up on me at times. I just can't get past this funk I'm in --I'm not giving it my all nor pushing myself with my workouts or the gym. If I could get my mind in the right place I know I can lose the weight I want to lose. I've done it before. I can do it again.

I just need a good swift kick in the ass. I need motivation and I just don't have it.

I;m taking a Big Pissy idea and writing out the next TWO WEEKS workouts. You guys have to understand that if it's written down, my compulsive self feels bad about scratching it out with pen marks if I skip the workout, making it ugly. LOL! Whatever works I say.

I have nothing more to whine about today. I may not be posting for a few days since my parents are visiting this weekend, so it may be Sunday before I blog again. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend.


Erin said...

I'm not just saying this but Old Navy's mirrors are horrible, I am not even kidding, worse than MANY other stores I try clothes on in. I feel that your decision to write down the workouts is a great one. I like this saying,
"When you get in a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

Old Navy is just my idea of hell on soooo many levels.

parents in town will be a good chin-up if ever I ran across one.

talk with your trainer on some new workout ideas you lovely bubble!

and thank you for the heads up on the vita prods


prettyface said...

Thanks guys :) I should know better than to care about Old navy--I dunno why I ever go in there. Their clothes are pretty poorly made anyway..HA! Seriously. I rarely find anything I like.

:( I hate that you're feeling this way!! (but seriously LOL on the college mention - you're so funny - even when you're whining :) j/k) I think writing it down will be great for you! Clealy - i'm a fan of writing everything down - what i'm going to eat, what i ate, what i'm going to do at the gym, etc. It just helps me keep myself accountable and I hope it works for you! Post a little sidebar on your blog and type DONE after each one - yay!! :) Have a great weekend with your parents!!

Nerd Girl said...

dont worry we all go through those moments..and honestly i think i feel the same way at old navy so it might be the mirrors they use!! lol just keep up the work and patience will pay took my like 7 months to actually allow myself the "patience" and you have to just try not to critique yourself and tell yourself to just long as your eating right and exercising some the weight will come off!! have a good weeekend!!! by the way you are GORGOEOUSSSS dont ever think otherwise!!!!

Big Pissy said...

I know it sounds corny but just admitting it is taking the first step.

Having your parents with your this weekend will perk you up too! :)

Anonymous said...

Girl your gorgeous... Dont let the stupid mirror get u down! Your exercising and eating healthy! U are doing what u are supposed to do and that is all that matters! I feel your pain though. No matter how much someone tells me I am pretty it's not what i see when i look in the mirror! But just know u are beautiful!

Jessica said...

Hey sweetie!!!

This is my first visit to your blog but wanted to say hi! I will be following along!!

And Old Navy Mirrors are CRAP. I literally only look at myself in the clothes when I am trying clothes on b/c it is so aggravating!

Take care and I'll be back! :)

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