Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Perfume tag?! My favorite! (Plus eats and workouts)


Hey guys! I was tagged by the lovely Queen Bee, with a perfume tag. For those of you who did NOT see my perfume vlog, go check it out HERE. I won't bore you all again with my fave perfumes, even though I'd love nothing more! heehee I freaking LOVE perfumes. Scents for me are tied closely with good memories. Or bad. or sad. Either way, I enjoy taking trips down memory lane. Just got view that and it should tell you guys all ya need to know!

Now, lemme just run down how my Tuesday was as far as diet and workouts go.

I didn't make it to the gym in the morning. I just could NOT roll out of bed. I was too relaxed and just plain comfy in my bed with little Brady on my shoulder staring down at me. But, as promised I made it to the gym during lunch time! YAY! 45 minutes of back, abs and stairmachine. Was fab. Then after work I walked/jogged 2 miles. Good day overall. Tomorrow will be the same routine.

This morning I had banana oatmeal with some white chocolate OB. I've definitely grown to LOVE that peanut butter. Thanks Alyssa! I never eat oatmeal, so this was all I had. I need to invest in some good, hearty kind, as I believe I'll be incorporating it into my daily meals in the AM. ANY SUGGESTIONS??

After the gym I ate my 4 egg whites with mushrooms and tomatos. HA! Don't tell, but I found some laughing cow light swiss in the fridge at work. Well, one of the fridge's. I work in a big building, so we have our own in public affairs (mini), but the whole first floor shares one. I took it upon myself to "borrow" a slice. After the fact I felt kinda bad. I'd be pissed if someone ate my cheese, yo! LOL! But I didn't feel so bad once I was chomping down on the stuff. :-)

Ahh anyway.....no pics today of food. I found it all to look boring, so maybe tomorrow. You guys MUST see my green satchel full of essentials for my trip Thursday. LOL! I'm trying to eat as healthy as possible on the road, and lemme tell ya...it's hard!!!!

Much love!


Heather said...

Since you will be on the road a little helpful hint...if you go to the Chick- Fil - A webstie, you can choose your meal (even the sauces) and it will calculate calories, fat, protien, etc.. I did it last night so I knew what I was consuming. I got the Grilled Chicken Sand with the Honey BBQ Mustard, a side salad with spicy dressing and a diet coke, only 500 cal. not bad for fast food!

way to make it to the gym! I did the same thing this morning...couldn't get outta bed...but made it later!

can't wait to hear about the concert!

hehe cheese thief!!

Great workouts!! Aw I love the 'lil Brady sets up shop on your shoulder! Him and Reuben would be best buddies!!

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