Monday, March 2, 2009

All eyes on me in the center of the ring....

Just like a circus!!!!
I know I keep talking about Brit Brit's concert, but damnit, I'm thrilled! Saw a sneak peek at her tour on her official website and it looks fab. She looks a little off. By off, I mean not as hyper and pumped up, but the woman is older than she used to be ya know?

Thursday come ON freaking please! :-)
Breakfast was a disaster this morning. HA! My plan was an egg white wrap with tomatos and mushrooms...well, the plan was going well, until I realized my abundance of egg whites and mish-mosh just weren't going to do well on this flat-out. It became moist, then just fell apart in my Ah well--it was still good and keopt my stomach from growling all morning.

At lunch I had the usual fish/brown rice/green beans combo, plus a treat! Z-Bar with White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butta. That was a hit. Hit the spot!

Dinner today was a turkey burger again with pepper jack cheese, pickles and mustard on an Arnold's sandwich thin. I loooooove this!! So simple and so good. AHH!!

I skipped the gym today because I am sore sore sore. That's fantastic, and I love that sore feeling, but my body needed a break from the tough weekend workouts. It's back on doubly time tomorrow and Wednesday, however! Since I have the concert Thursday and will be leaving in the morning for Atlanta, I won't get a workout in. Friday I'm heading over to Augusta to bisit my BFF from high school until Saturday afternoon, so I'm going to guess that the next workout I'll get after Wednesday, will be Sunday. eek!! Damn check out that run on sentence!!

My plan: Tuesday and Wednesday will consist of cardio in the AM before work and after work strength training.

If the morning doesn't work out, I'll go at lunchtime. We'll see if I can stick to this for two measley days. I've failed in the past. An early bedtime is required tonight gals.

Can't chat anymore...The bachelor finale is coming on. I'm hoping the rumors aren't true and that he didn't go along with this plan for "ratings" UGH! Just Google and you canf ind out what the rumors are--if you want.

See you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

good luck with the work out, girlie!!

prettyface said...

OWL: Thank so much for that little bit of encouragement. I can do it. Will keep ya posted :-)

Yay Brit! No need to aplologize!

OMG!!! I can't believe you're going to Augusta...that is where my sis & her hubby live!!! How crazy!!! :)

Nerd Girl said...

ah! there are so many back exercises..some hard to explain but you can probably look them up on google or go to they have a pretty good list with demos of them.... some of my favorites are: lat pull-downs, t-bar rows, hanging rows, upright rows, i do different exercises with a band, assisted chinups/pullups are ALWAYS great, i hope that helps! there are many more that are kind of hard to explain but hopefully one of these days i plan on putting some vlogs up of some of my favorite exercises.

you so motivate me to be better w/ my protein- I thought 80g in 1200 cals was good- think again- you kick rear!

PS- tagged you :)


Just Me said...

Okay so you have to let us know how it is.. I just booked tickets to vegas to go see her since she isnt going to be here in denver.. i hope she doesnt disappoint.

Aw I know - the concert can't get here soon enough for you!! :) How long will you be in ATL? I'm sorry your breakfast fell apart :( - looked fab though!! :)

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